Ben Snyder’s Biology Powerpoints


These Powerpoint presentations were created by Benjamin W Snyder.   He passionately taught a variety of college biology courses at many colleges over the past 40 years.  Just to name a few; Swarthmore, Vassar, Framingham State, and WPI.

All of the Powerpoint presentations he has to date are too much to list, but these, he hopes will help teachers and students all over the world.  You may download and use these as part of or entire class materials.  Here are 22 powerpoints, also converted into PDF format, each one a basic biology course.

If you have any question about anything related to these biology presentations, you may comment here.  Ben Snyder often looks at this site and may be able to answer your questions.

Chap1a_F09 – Evolution (PPT)

Chap1a_F09 Evolution (PDF)

Chap2a_F09 – The Chemistry of Life (PPT)

Chap2a_F09 Chemistry of Life (PDF)

Chap2b_F09 – The Chemistry of life 2 (PPT)

Chap2b_F09 Chemistry of Life 2 (PDF)

Chap3a_F09 – The Cell (PPT)

Chap3a_F09 The Cell (PDF)

Chap3b_F09 – The Cell 2 (PPT)

Chap3b_F09 The Cell 2 (PDF)

Chap4 – Body Organization and Homeostasis (PPT)

Chap4 – Body Organization and Homeostasis (PDF)

Chap7 – Neuron (PPT)

Chap7-Neuron (PDF)

Chap8 – Nervous System (PPT)

Chap8_Nervous System (PDF)

Chap8a – Drugs and the Mind (PPT)

Chap8a – Drugs and the Mind (PDF)

Chap10a – The Endocrine System (PPT)

Chap10a – The Endocrine System (PDF)

Chap10b – Adrenal Cortex Gland (PPT)

Chap10b – Adrenal Cortex (PDF)

Chap10c – Endocrine Adrenal Medulla (PPT)

Chap10c – Endocrine Adrenal Medulla (PDF)

Chap17 – Contraception (PPT)

Chap17 – Contraception (PDF)

Chap17 – Female Reproduction (PPT)

Chap17 – Female Reproduction (PDF)

Chap17 – Male Reproduction (PPT)

Chap17 – Male Reproduction (PDF)

Chap17a – HIV_AIDS (PPT)

Chap17a – HIV_AIDS (PDF)

Chap18 – Development (PPT)

Chap18 – Development (PDF)

Chap18 – Sexual Differentiation (PPT)

Chap18 – Sexual Differentiation (PDF)

Chap19 – Chromosomes and Cell Division (PPT)

Chap19 – Chromosomes and Cell Division (PDF)

Chap20 – Principles of Inheritance (PPT)

Chap20 – Principles of Inheritance (PDF)

Chap21A – DNA and Biotechnology (PPT)

Chap21A – DNA and Biotechnology (PDF)

Chap21B – DNA and Biotechnology 2 (PPT)

Chap21B – DNA and Biotechnology 2 (PDF)


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