Histology Service

With our histology service, we want to make the world a better place and do something that matters.  By helping you, the people who are helping others, we are doing our part in contributing to a healthier future for all.  Our histology service comes with fast turnaround times and low prices so our customers get value from us and pass it on to their constituents. 

IHC & IF services available
Immunohistochemistry Ki-67

You, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.  We understand that your research, projects, tissues are of great importance and should be cared for as so.  We offer top quality histopathology services that are competitively priced.  Our most of services are completed within 2-4 weeks of receipt. 

We take great pride in our histology techniques and feel they should be shared with everyone.   All the techniques performed at Histologistics are done with perfection in mind but realize that, in today’s world, nothing is ever perfect.  If something isn’t right, and it’s within our power to correct the issue, and we’ll strive to get it the way you want it.  

Our combined 37 + years of histology knowledge gives you an edge to start and complete all of your projects. Our employees are all certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and the National Society of Histotechnology as Histologic Technicians.

In the end, our goals circulate around helping people, all people, live happier healthier lives.   This art of histology, that we have practiced day after day and year after year, we hope, will serve you and others well and we dedicate them to you, your tissues, and the prospective patients who they might help someday soon.  

Our affiliate companies who perform a range of services like NASH fibrosis male and female mouse models,PK / ADME, Chemistry, Target ID, In vitro and bioanalysis will help you perform, test and report your studies.  This is the Northeast Preclinical Network Nepn.