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Welcome To JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc.

You, our client’s satisfaction is our top priority.  We understand that your research, projects, tissues are of great importance and should be cared for as so.  We offer top quality histo-pathology services that are competitively priced.  

We take great pride in our histology techniques and feel they should be shared with everyone.   All the techniques performed at JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc are done with your satisfaction in mind.   Quality is our number one concern.

Our combined 37 + years of histology knowledge gives you an edge to start and complete all of your projects. Our employees are all certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) and the National Society of Histotechnology as Histology Technicians.

In the end, our goals circulate around helping people, making this world a better place, one slide at a time.

Coronavirus Update: We are still committed to serving you during this unusual situation. The lab is still open, however at a greatly reduced capacity.

In order to keep you and us safe, we have implemented a strategy for project sterilization incoming and outgoing. To begin everything correctly, we sterilized the entire lab 1 week ago. All packages received are now sprayed down with 70% ethanol and quarantined for 3 days before opening. All package contents are also sprayed with 70% ethanol while under a hood. After projects are complete, we pack your project while wearing all PPE and spray everything down with 70% ethanol.

Contact us at: admin@jmdhistology.com

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