This is a list of tissue fixatives and how to make them yourself. These recipes are old school methods that are still used today by large manufactures. Yup these recipes are the same formulations as your histology products provider is using today. You can save tons of money by buying the components and making the solutions yourself.

I recommend these solution protocols for those who have made solutions in the past. These solutions need to be calculated and precise much like the special stains and IHC solutions.

If you haven’t figured this out already, histology chemicals including these fixatives are hazardous to your health. Take precautions, use gloves, eye protection, lab coat and hood if available.

This is just a guide, many if not all these fixatives can be modified to suit your needs.

Buffered solutions last longer and are easier on tissues than non-buffered.

This chemical (Lead Nitrate) may be very difficult to get unless you are outside the US.

Mercuric chloride is very difficult to get unless you are outside the US.