Three Different CD45 Antibody Protocols


A popular antibody stain. The human Protein Atlas describes this as a positive regulator of T-cell coactivation. If you click on the link that website has so much data about each antibody. At the top of the page, there are 11 tabs to choose from with more information. Clicking on the “Tissue” tab, shows the different types of normal tissues that CD45 can be found in. Same with the “Pathology” tab, except for abnormal tissue types.

The 3 antibody protocols here may stain for different isoforms. Santa Cruz Biotechnology (35-Z6) monoclonal, Abcam polyclonal and BD Biosciences monoclonal. Interestingly, the BD Biosciences antibody application says for Flow cytometry only, but it works great for IHC & or IF applications also.

Mouse spleen CD45 antibody stain

As always, when testing this and all new protocols, be sure to use your controls first to view staining results. The protocol may need to be tweaked to your tissues.