CD 3 Antibody Protocols


The first antibody protocol (Novus) I worked up with human and canine tissues and it works great. It does not however target mouse tissue.

This antibody can be found on the Novus Biological website NB600-1441SS.

Antibody was tested in 2019 with human tonsil, thymus or canine lymph tissues.

The freshly cut controls are helpful.

Canine Lymph CD3

I do however have some help with another CD3 antibody (Abcam ab16667) that does target mouse tissues (see data sheet below). A partner lab Histologistics worked with used the following steps on mouse tissues. Hint: Mouse spleen as positive control. Dilution 1:150. HIER – Sodium citrate pH 6.0 for 30 minutes. This is a rabbit monoclonal so be sure to use an anti-rabbit secondary.