Cytomegalovirus (CVM) Antibody Protocol


This is not your average stain. The tissues are difficult to get a hold of and the stain at 1:10 is only cost affective with multiple slides or charging triple. On the other hand, the antibody manufacturer (Novus Biologicals) is a great company with antibodies that are very robust.

This antibody was tested with 3 concentrations and 3 HIER methods but stained semi-well during the first run. The second run using the 1:10 concentration looked the best.

Admittedly, there was not much time for this project. Looking back on it now, I should have tried using heat with the primary antibody. I’m sure heat would have given a better signal at a lower concentration.

Human Placenta stained Cytomegalovirus antibody

As always, when testing this and all new protocols, be sure to use your controls first to view staining results. The protocol may need to be tweaked to your tissues.