F4-80 Antibody Protocols


There are 2 f4/80 antibody protocols to choose from. This marker is widely used for macrophages.

The Santa Cruz antibody is a mouse monoclonal targeting human, mouse and rat tissues. I tested mouse tissues using additional mouse blocking reagents to combat non-specific isotope staining.

F4/80 (C-7) Antibody Protocol (Santa Cruz Biotechnology)

Santa Cruz F480 Data Sheet sc-377009

Mouse Spleen Stained with F480 Antibody (Brown)

The Invitrogen Antibody, a rat monoclonal targets human and mouse tissues. This is great if your testing either human or mouse tissues because the host (rat) does not interfere and cause unwanted background stain. You should use a anti-rat secondary antibody.

Invitrogen antibody protocol

Invitrogen F4/80 Antibody MA5-16630 Data Sheet

Human Breast Carcinoma Stained with F480 Antibody (Brown)