Validated Antibody Protocols for Download


Don’t you think the human race would benefit more from research if all protocols were easily accessible? These antibody protocols (approx 80) are ones that I used for the late Histologistics business. That’s right, these are downloadable working antibody protocols for many species but mainly human and mouse. Everything is on the protocols, like the antibody manufacturer, category number (with link), antibody dilution, all chemicals used, reference links and the steps from start to finish.

There are about 40 protocol pages done now and are listed here.

Every week I try to put up more IHC/IF protocols. In the event that all IHC protocols have been listed, I hope to move on to the IHC solutions, antibody tips and tricks, Special stain protocols, paraffin processing protocols, decal solutions, cryostat (freezing) protocols, etc. There is so much to histology that and now that the business is done, I’d like to share what I have learned.

Thank you all who supported me before, during and after the business!