Human breast carcinoma Kappa Light Chain Antibody

Now Available: Kappa Light Chain Antibody

Last week we validated the monoclonal Santa Cruz -59265 antibody for human tissue.  This was performed using 4 cancer tissues; renal cell carcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, B-cell lymphoma and breast carcinoma.

Human renal cell carcinoma - Vimentin antibody

Vimentin Antibody Validated

We have been working hard to validate many new antibodies for research use.  Vimentin is now available for use on Human, mouse and rat FFPE tissues.

According to the data sheet Vimentin, is a general marker of cells originating in the mesenchyme. Vimentin is frequently co-expressed with other members of the intermediate filament family, such as the cytokeratins, in neoplasms including melanoma and breast carcinoma.