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Melanin or Melanoma?

Human skin (melanoma?) H&E

Melanoma, a heightened subject that should be talked about with, everyone?  How do you tell the difference between melanin and melanoma?  Research facilities are currently exploring this topic and it’s treatment.  But we do know the primary cause, too much UV rays.  The pathologist can see the difference between melanin and melanoma an H&E stained section, can you?.  Here are some examples.

For the rest of us, melanoma is better detected by antibody staining (IHC).  There are a few different antibodies, MART1, Melan, HMB but all I have is Granzyme B.

What do you think?

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Ovarian Carcinoma

In this tissue, it’s diagnosis is ovarian carcinoma.  It’s stained with H&E and pictures taken at multiple areas.  Some (not posted here) look to have melanin deposits but that will have to be discovered using different staining techniques and will update again here.


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Gram Positive/Negative tissue Sale

Human tissue with gram negative and gram positive bacteria now on sale for $1.37 per slide.  These are 2 tissues on the same slide, 1 with gram positive bacteria (blue) in kidney, the other gram negative (red) in intestine.

High quality positive control tissues are tested (Brown & Brenn staining technique) before leaving the building to make sure your complete satisfaction.  The slides will be sectioned to order, so if you have special instructions please send them with your order.  Act now, this sale only last approximately 1 month or when the tissue is all gone.  This sale will be over March 2015.

Gram Positive Bacteria
Gram Positive Bacteria
Gram Positive Bacteria (red)
Gram Positive Bacteria (red)

Contact us at:

Hans B Snyder

Histologistics Inc.

60 Prescott Street

Worcester, MA 01605

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Histopathology & Immunohistochemistry Control Slides

Histologistics is proud to offer control slides!  Do you need quality controls for your special stains?

Control Slides

We can now provide high quality positive control tissues.  Controls slides normally come with positive and negative controls on every slide but can be customized to meet your needs.  All slide sets are cut and sent after payment has been made.  All of our slides are guaranteed, and will do whatever it takes if you are dissatisfied. We offer routine prices that ship within 2 weeks of ordering and rush services that can be shipped within 2 days of order.  All first time customers will receive slides at $2.00 each for their first order. Choose either the Histopathology or immunohistochemistry control page for tissues available, then call or e-mail us today.

Prices are based on availability and desired shipment times.

Please be aware that tissue availability can change from day to day.