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Free Control Slides

Histology Control Slides

Beginning this week, all 22ct histology control slides (see link below) bought will now come with 3 extra unstained slides FREE. Buy 22 get 25 controls.
Histology Control Slides

We have 24 different human histology control types to choose. Mouse and rat normal tissues are also available as control slide sets (inquire). Some controls like Fite, fungus, gram and helicobacter pylori are four of our most popular controls. They go fast, get them before they’re gone!

This promotion (3 free slides) will be species specific but not necessarily same tissue type. We will try to match same controls as bought but if they are not available, we will throw in another validated control type. If you order hospital grade human tissues you will get 3 similar unstained slides, free. Likewise, if you order Mouse or Rat 22ct, you will get 3 free mouse or rat slides respectively.

Extra slides will be marked with either our slide printer or hand written. Extra slides may or may not be sequentially ordered and will be placed at the back of each box.

Free slides are not guaranteed and will discontinue at anytime. 100ct boxes not included in the promotion.

Contact us at 508.461.7207

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Fungus FFPE Blocks and Slides for Sale

Fungus blocks for sale

We have a number of extra FFPE human peritoneum tissues with fusarium, pseudallescheria boydii and or aspergillus fungus infection.  They have been tested by us and some work well for both GMS and PAS.  There is fungus throughout the tissue.

Human Peritoneum Fungus GMS
Human Peritoneum Fungus GMS

If you need high quality, easy to read, human fungus unstained control slides, we can make that happen! Once blocks are purchased, we can cut the blocks down and or makes slides to your specifications.  Why would you pay $3.50 to $8.00 per slide when you can get them for so much less here? Fungus Control FFPE Blocks and Slides

Human Peritoneum Fungus PAS
Human Peritoneum Fungus PAS

We are a full service histopathology lab that has been in business for 5+ years.  With our histology experience, we provide paraffin, cryogenic, plastic, TMA’s, routine, special and IHC/IF staining.  Being such, we can cut one or more slides and stain 45 different ways, for your review at additional cost.

Human Peritoneum Fungus GMS
Human Peritoneum Fungus GMS


Buy now and Save$$$

Block price – $95.00

Unstained slides on positively charged slides – $1.50 per slide (minimum 100)

GMS and PAS stained slides – $9.00 per slide

H&E stained slides – $5.00 per slide

Slide box – $10.00 each


Contact us at:

JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc.

151 W Main St Lowr

Dudley, MA 01571





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Identification of Fungus

Mycology, the study of fungus is not something I know too much about especially when it comes to histopathology.  I do know that fungus is not something I want propagating in my organs or tissues in serious quantity.  Certain species can wreak havoc on the internal and external systems of the animal bodies.  The identification of these fungi in tissues is visualized by staining with GMS, PAS and Gridley’s.  The stain fungi are then analyzed under the microscope by a pathologist who determines by size, shape and surrounding tissue changes, what the type of fungus is.  This is a very exact science that takes years of practice and studying to determine a possible diagnosis.  Some histologists may be able to guess at the type of fungus on a slide but only guess.  For a histologist must rely on the shape and color of a fungus determined by the stain.  I do this on a consistent basis, trying to guess what kind of affliction the tissue reveals after staining.  For fungus identification, I have been relying on a website called doctorfungus.  Here I can analyze my slides against a good knowledge base and slides to match.  Thus I feel like sharing this resource with you might help.

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PAS Diastase Stain Protocol

If you are going to do a PAS stain then you might as well run a PAS with diastase also.

Safety equipment: Work under a hood with lab coat, gloves, and glasses.

  1. Two sets of slides and 2 control slides are used
  2. De-paraffin slides in xylene (1) —————— 2 minutes (re-use)
  3. De-paraffin slides in xylene (2)—————— 2 minutes (re-use)
  4. Clear slides in 100% alcohol——————— 2 minutes
  5. Clear slides in 100% alcohol——————— 2 minutes
  6. Hydrate slides in 95% alcohol——————- 2 minutes
  7. Hydrate slides in running water—————– 5 minutes
  8. Set 1 (with a control) in 80% alcohol ———— 60 minutes
  9. Set 2 (with a control) in diastase of malt——— 60 minutes
  10. Combine both sets of slides for remaining steps
  11. Wash in running water ————————– 10 minutes
  12. 0.5% periodic acid ——————————- 5 minutes (re-use)
  13. Schiff’s reagent at 37C————————— 15 minutes (re-use)
  14. Wash in running water ————————– 10 minutes
  15. If staining for glycogen, Hematoxylin ———— 20 seconds (re-use)
  16. Dehydrate in 95% alcohol———————— 30 seconds
  17. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol———————- 1 minute
  18. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol———————- 2 minutes
  19. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol———————- 2 minutes
  20. Clear in xylene (3)——————————- 2 minutes (re-use)
  21. Clear in xylene (4)——————————- 5 minutes (re-use)

Results:         Glycogen, mucin, fibrin, or thrombi, colloid droplets, hyaline of arteriosclerosis, hyaline deposits in glomeruli, granular cells in the renal arterioles where preserved, most basement membranes, colloid of pituitary stalks and thyroid, amyloid infiltration may show a positive reaction – Rose to Purplish Red

                        Nuclei – Blue


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