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Free Control Slides

Histology Control Slides

Beginning this week, all 22ct histology control slides (see link below) bought will now come with 3 extra unstained slides FREE. Buy 22 get 25 controls.
Histology Control Slides

We have 24 different human histology control types to choose. Mouse and rat normal tissues are also available as control slide sets (inquire). Some controls like Fite, fungus, gram and helicobacter pylori are four of our most popular controls. They go fast, get them before they’re gone!

This promotion (3 free slides) will be species specific but not necessarily same tissue type. We will try to match same controls as bought but if they are not available, we will throw in another validated control type. If you order hospital grade human tissues you will get 3 similar unstained slides, free. Likewise, if you order Mouse or Rat 22ct, you will get 3 free mouse or rat slides respectively.

Extra slides will be marked with either our slide printer or hand written. Extra slides may or may not be sequentially ordered and will be placed at the back of each box.

Free slides are not guaranteed and will discontinue at anytime. 100ct boxes not included in the promotion.

Contact us at 508.461.7207

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Human Skin Tissue Control Slides On Sale $1.37 Per Slide

This is an incredible tissue control sale that will only last 30 days.  All slides are cut to order and can be customized to meet your needs.  We can place negative control tissue right next to the positive tissue and orient to your specifications. Orders will be taken be email or call us at the number below at a first come first serve basis.  No order is considered too small or too large, if we still have the tissue you will get it.

Skin is a very versatile tissue that can be used for a variety of special stains, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescent stains.  It can be used for special stains such as;

  1. Verhoeff Van Gieson (elastic)
  2. T-blue
  3. Trichrome
  4. Movats
  5. Orcein
  6. PTAH
  7. Picrosirius Red
  8. And others

Controls for immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescent stains include;

  1. CAM 5.2
  2. EMA
  3. Pan-keratin
  4. MNF-116
  5. smooth muscle actin 1A4
  6. S100
  7. Melanin / Mart-1
  8. CD1a
  9. CD117 / C-kit
  10. Langerin
  11. 8-OHdG
  12. Ber-EP4 (epithelial antigen)
  13. Bim
  14. Caspase 3
  15. Cdk4
  16. CDw49f (integrin-alpha6)
  17. Claudin 1
  18. Collagen III, IV
  19. CK 6, 8, 10, 14, 16,17, 18
  20. And many others

Human skin VVG40x


Human Skin T-Blue2 20x Human skin MT blue Skin sirius red polar

Skin Fluor human skin H&E 40x


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Worcester, MA 01605

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Positive Control Slides (Amazing Prices)

Take a look at these high quality control slides.  We have human and animal controls with prices that cannot be beat.  All controls are considered custom orders and will be cut after orders have been placed.  We have an abundant supply of animal tissue controls and a limited supply of human controls.  They are all at the lowest prices guaranteed.


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Melanin Slide Controls

Are you looking for Melanin control tissues?  We have melanin control slides that are located in human skin and can be seen in the H&E stain.  These are high quality slides that can be cut to your specification with negative on the same slide or not.  These can be used for special stains or IHC.  Do not delay, these are selling at the lowest prices available and will sell quickly.  Call or email us today.