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Helicobacter Pylori Tissue Control Slides On Sale $1.37 Per Slide (IHC Only)

Human Colon IHC Helicobacter Pylori
Human Colon IHC Helicobacter Pylori

This is an incredible tissue control sale that will only last 30 days.  We have high quality helicobacter pylori (HP) tissue for IHC staining control tissues for just $1.37 per slide!  This tissue is a little different from normal (HP) because it’s from the lower GI tract.  Some pieces contain small intestine and some are colon.  These controls have been bought by area hospitals and have been in use for over a year.   These have been tested with special stains such as Giemsa, warthin starry and Steiner and Steiner and are not suitable for these tests.

These tissues are placed on positively charged slides that can be baked at 60C for 1 hour or overnight at 37C for to make sure their adhesion.  All slides are cut to order and can be customized to meet your needs.  We can place negative control tissue right next to the positive tissue and orient to your specifications.

Orders will be taken be email at a first come first serve basis.  No order is considered too small or too large, if we still have the tissue you will get it.  We ship worldwide.

Most other histology supply companies charge between $3.15 to $6.00 per slide.  This is a 1 month sale and will expire on 9/07/2014 or when the tissue is gone.

Please contact us for a sample. (US only)

Histologistics Inc.
Hans B Snyder
60 Prescott Street
Worcester, MA 01605

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High School Histology Internship Update

This is the second week of the high school internship program collaborating with WPI.  Their task is to create 25 perfect slides, 5 different stains from 5 different tissues. Each of the tissues are picked by them and must be grossed, cassetted, processed, embedded, cut, stained and microscopic pictures are taken by them.  They In the first week the interns learned all about safety, grossing, processing and embedding.  This week they have been practicing on the microtome.  They have been given 12 tissues to practice facing, sectioning, laying on the bath, separating sections and section placement on slides.   Tomorrow I will explain and show them how to do H&E staining on some of their cut tissues.  We will discuss the elements of each of their tissues grossly and microscopically so that they can choose their next 4 special stains.  After their tissues are all stained, they will write short descriptions of each tissue to highlight it’s unique composition.  Follow this program with me for the next 6 weeks.



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Small Business Histology

Come experience our extremely skilled and experienced technical team to show what your experiment results could look like.    Try us today.








An Expert Histology Service

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Special Stains Issues

Special stains can be finicky.  If you do one little thing wrong, it might not come out the way you want.  We have seen so many different problems in a variety of settings that it pays to be precise in all calculations with regard to solutions creations and protocol times.  For example, A stain might look abnormal if left in running water too long.  The stain may look pale or devoid of a background color.  Stains can be re-done by washing out with copious amounts of water.  Sometimes this can be achieved if left in alcohol other than 100%.  Water washes the stain out.  It can leave bare traces of what there once was.




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