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Free Control Slides

Histology Control Slides

Beginning this week, all 22ct histology control slides (see link below) bought will now come with 3 extra unstained slides FREE. Buy 22 get 25 controls.
Histology Control Slides

We have 24 different human histology control types to choose. Mouse and rat normal tissues are also available as control slide sets (inquire). Some controls like Fite, fungus, gram and helicobacter pylori are four of our most popular controls. They go fast, get them before they’re gone!

This promotion (3 free slides) will be species specific but not necessarily same tissue type. We will try to match same controls as bought but if they are not available, we will throw in another validated control type. If you order hospital grade human tissues you will get 3 similar unstained slides, free. Likewise, if you order Mouse or Rat 22ct, you will get 3 free mouse or rat slides respectively.

Extra slides will be marked with either our slide printer or hand written. Extra slides may or may not be sequentially ordered and will be placed at the back of each box.

Free slides are not guaranteed and will discontinue at anytime. 100ct boxes not included in the promotion.

Contact us at 508.461.7207

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Special Stain Solution Protocols Page

Hello,  We have starting adding our solution protocols on a new page.  These are all the protocols that we use now. A professional histology service.

An Expert Histology Service

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Grocott’s Methanamine Silver (GMS)

Here is another fungus stain.  Some of the fungi that you might stain with PAS but do not will stain with the GMS.  The silver used must be disposed of properly (not down the sink).  When using gold chloride remember to use plastic forceps, metal forceps will corrode on contact.  All glassware should be chemically cleaned before use to reduce contamination.  Pictures will be coming soon.

Use Control Tissue with known fungi.

Safety equipment: Work under a hood with lab coat, gloves, and glasses.

  1. De-paraffin slides in xylene (1) —————— 2 minutes (re-use)
  2. De-paraffin slides in xylene (2)—————— 2 minutes (re-use)
  3. Clear slides in 100% alcohol——————— 2 minutes
  4. Clear slides in 100% alcohol——————— 2 minutes
  5. Hydrate slides in 95% alcohol——————- 2 minutes
  6. Hydrate slides in running water—————– 5 minutes
  7. Place in 10% chromic acid ———————- 15 minutes (re-use)
  8. Rinse in running water ————————- 1 minute
  9. Place in 1% sodium bisulfate ——————– 1 minute (re-use)
  10. Rinse in running water ————————- 1 minute
  11. Place in working Methanamine silver at 60C—- 60 minutes
  12. Rinse in running water ————————- 1 minute
  13. Place in 0.1% gold chloride ——————— 4 minutes (re-use)
  14. Rinse in running water ———————— 1 minute
  15. Place in 2% sodium thiosulfate —————- 4 minutes (re-use)
  16. Rinse in running water ———————–  1 minute
  17. Place in working light green ——————  30 seconds
  18. Dehydrate in 95% alcohol——————— 30 seconds
  19. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol——————– 1 minute
  20. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol——————– 2 minutes
  21. Dehydrate in 100% alcohol——————– 2 minutes
  22. Clear in xylene (3)—————————- 2 minutes (re-use)
  1. 23.   Clear in xylene (4)——————————– 5 minutes (re-use)

Results:         Fungi – Sharply delineated in Black      

Mucin – Taupe to dark Grey

                       Inner parts of mycelia and hyphae – Old Rose            

Background – Pale Green


An Expert Histology Service

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Special stains protocols

I am trying to figure out what to do about the special stains protocols.  There are about 35 of them.  Putting them on the front page does not seem to be efficient.   I would like them all to be searchable and downloadable, maybe on a different page.  What do you think, does it make a difference?