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Positive Control Slides (Amazing Prices)

Take a look at these high quality control slides.  We have human and animal controls with prices that cannot be beat.  All controls are considered custom orders and will be cut after orders have been placed.  We have an abundant supply of animal tissue controls and a limited supply of human controls.  They are all at the lowest prices guaranteed.


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Tissue Controls for Sale

We have a new connection with a medical supply company. We can now sell high quality tissue control slides. There is a variety of control tissues for special stains and immunohistochemistry (IHC) that are very inexpensive. They can be coupled with the reagents and a protocol. Some of the controls include; AFB, amyloid, iron, copper, fungus, helicobacter pylori and normal tissues. We also take special orders. Take a look at our new control slide selections.

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Special Stain Solution Protocols Page

Hello,  We have starting adding our solution protocols on a new page.  These are all the protocols that we use now. A professional histology service.

An Expert Histology Service

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Special stains protocols

I am trying to figure out what to do about the special stains protocols.  There are about 35 of them.  Putting them on the front page does not seem to be efficient.   I would like them all to be searchable and downloadable, maybe on a different page.  What do you think, does it make a difference?