Human renal cell carcinoma - Vimentin antibody

Vimentin Antibody Validated

We have been working hard to validate many new antibodies for research use.  Vimentin is now available for use on Human, mouse and rat FFPE tissues.

According to the data sheet Vimentin, is a general marker of cells originating in the mesenchyme. Vimentin is frequently co-expressed with other members of the intermediate filament family, such as the cytokeratins, in neoplasms including melanoma and breast carcinoma.

Human Pancreas synaptophysin

Synaptophysin Workup Complete

Just this past week we finished working up a mouse monoclonal synaptophysin antibody targeting Mouse, Rat and Human.  We tested this using all 3 species types plus human abnormal tissues.  The results are in and we now offer this antibody to our customers.

Synaptophysin – Santa Cruz – sc-55507 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Human, Mouse, Rat

Now Offering S100 Antibody Staining

We are proud to now offer you the S100 antibody stain.  This was worked up using both mouse and human tissues.  This is a mouse monoclonal from Santa Cruz- S100

This can also be seen on our antibodies page here Antibodies

Customized Histology Staining for Your Projects


Masson’s Trichrome blue and green in the same tissues:

Blue                                     Green                                    Blue                                           Green

Histology slide pictures of Trichrome blue vs green


We have over 40 special stain protocols that can be customized to fit your needs.  We realize that not every histology lab’s stains look the same, that’s why we are will to change, and modify our protocols to suit your project.  The subtle differences of one stain, in our eyes may be minute but what counts is our clients preferences.

In the past, we have done custom stains such as modifying the trichrome blue to a green.  Looking at them in the colon, the colors are very similar but the umbilical cord has marked changes.  Striving to meet your needs not matter the application, we are all about your needs.  This goes beyond staining, we will change any of our histology services (protocols) to make a good fit for you.


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