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JoVE – Increasing the productivity of scientific research

I just found this amazing resource for scientific experiments and more.  They have over 2500 videos that teach laboratory fundamentals.   Their video categories include; general, neuroscience, immunology and infection, clinical and translational medicine, bioengineering, applied physics, chemistry, behavior, and environment.  I just watched DNA extraction from paraffin embedded material for Genetic and Epigenetic Analyses.  I can now go try this in my lab.  Wonderful, I hope this helps!


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Histology service

histology service lipid

We have an extensive array of histology knowledge, from years of working in clinical, research and academia histology labs.  Our techniques have been modified to give you excellent results and turnaround times.  The desire to help your causes, through research advance faster through the end stage of a histology service drives our success. We understand that your research is the most important thing in the world and our job is to make your life easy by doing everything right on our end within a reasonable time.

Do to this, we have built our lab for efficiency and quality.  All specimens come in and leave in a circular fashion. This eliminates redundancy and waste by creating checks and balances that make a lean lab.  We believe, it’s our job to make you look good.

Come see what we can do for you.

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Histology Lab

  Histologistics is a full service histology lab. We provide excellent quality histology to clinical facilities, veterinarians and researchers . We can help you with anything.  Please contact us with your histology needs.