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Vimentin Antibody Validated

Human renal cell carcinoma - Vimentin antibody

We have been working hard to validate many new antibodies for research use.  Vimentin is now available for use on Human, mouse and rat FFPE tissues.

According to the data sheet Vimentin, is a general marker of cells originating in the mesenchyme. Vimentin is frequently co-expressed with other members of the intermediate filament family, such as the cytokeratins, in neoplasms including melanoma and breast carcinoma.

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Synaptophysin Workup Complete

Human Pancreas synaptophysin

Just this past week we finished working up a mouse monoclonal synaptophysin antibody targeting Mouse, Rat and Human.  We tested this using all 3 species types plus human abnormal tissues.  The results are in and we now offer this antibody to our customers.

Synaptophysin – Santa Cruz – sc-55507 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Human, Mouse, Rat

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Histopathology & Immunohistochemistry Control Slides

Histologistics is proud to offer control slides!  Do you need quality controls for your special stains?

Control Slides

We can now provide high quality positive control tissues.  Controls slides normally come with positive and negative controls on every slide but can be customized to meet your needs.  All slide sets are cut and sent after payment has been made.  All of our slides are guaranteed, and will do whatever it takes if you are dissatisfied. We offer routine prices that ship within 2 weeks of ordering and rush services that can be shipped within 2 days of order.  All first time customers will receive slides at $2.00 each for their first order. Choose either the Histopathology or immunohistochemistry control page for tissues available, then call or e-mail us today.

Prices are based on availability and desired shipment times.

Please be aware that tissue availability can change from day to day.