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Biology Powerpoints

We now have a new page all about biology. To start this new page we have been given biology Powerpoint presentations from Benjamin W Snyder.  He created them from teaching a variety of college biology courses at many colleges over the past 40 years.  All of the Powerpoint presentations he has to date will eventually be put on this website to continue his teachings through others.  You may download and use these as part of or entire class materials.  If you have any question about anything related to these biology presentations, you may comment here.  Ben Snyder often looks at this site and may be able to answer your questions.  Here are 22 power points, also converted into PDF format, of one basic biology course.   The titles of these power points include:

  1. Evolution
  2. Chemistry of Life 1
  3. Chemistry of Life 2
  4. The cell 1
  5. The cell 2
  6. Body Organization and Homeostasis
  7. Neuron
  8. The nervous system
  9. Drugs and the Mind
  10. The Endocrine System
  11. The Adrenal Cortex
  12. Endocrine Adrenal Medulla
  13. Contraception
  14. Female Reproduction
  15. Male Reproduction
  16. HIV & AIDS
  17. Development
  18. Sexual Differentiation
  19. Chromosomes and Cell Division
  20. Principles of Inheritance
  21. DNA and Biotechnology 1
  22. DNA and Biotechnology 2