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These are high quality histopathology positive control tissues, positive for Fungus (Human intestine or peritoneum).  There are 3 fungus types associated with these tissues, AspergillusFusarium, and or Pseudallescheria boydii.  Some of these tissues have all 3 fungus types but most have just one.The first and last slide (2) are stained (McManus PAS) for authenticity before sending to you. 

Human tissue. Cut at 5um, placed at top third of slide.

All tissues types are placed on positively charged adhesive slides.  We have rigorously tested these slides for routine, special, staining without issues.  All slides have the stain type, slide, block and lot number printed using the signature slide mate.  Unstained slides are air dried (not baked) unless requested, for a minimum of 48 hours before shipment. Every stained slide is microscopically checked for positive material.

Current turnaround times for control slides – Cut to order – 2 – 4 weeks


All shipping is done through FedEx and is charged to the customer.

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