CD68 (KP1) FFPE Antibody Protocol


CD68 (KP1) FFPE Antibody Protocol


This protocol is intended for use with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues.

This is Abcam’s antibody and is a mouse monoclonal and targets mouse, rat, rabbit, and human species.  Human and mouse tissues are all that I tested for this protocol.


Be sure to also run species specific, known positive control slides, like normal human tonsil.

This protocol gives:

  • Specific antibody with clone and manufacturer
  • The antibody concentration (dilution)
  • The species tested
  • Types of tissues for positive controls
  • Antigen retrieval method with pH
  • The secondary antibody species
  • Primary and secondary antibody temperatures and times
  • DAB color used
  • Counterstain used
  • All accessory reagents used
  • Antibody staining pattern with pictures


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