Histology Control Slides

Our company is a full service Histopathology company that serves a broad range of customers. Many of the techniques defined by histology are performed by us everyday. As such, our passion to create excellent quality slides through processing, cutting and staining makes us perfect to sell you the same control slides we use at our facility.

If you desire, consistent, high quality tissue control slides for your project(s), then look no further. We can supply both small and large facilities. Discounts are available for very large or consistent orders.

We have been supplying a distributor (thousands / Month) with 24 different histopathology controls slides for more than 3 years. Chances are good that you may already be purchasing our control slides from larger companies. Instead of buying from the retail, why not buy them direct from the manufacturer?

Our tissues are all human and are acquired through tissue banks with no identifying characteristics. All tissues are tested vigorously by us. Microscopic evaluation is performed using different stains for optimal quality and basic morphology. All tissues are cut then stained at our facility. All pictures controls slides and others on our website have been stained by us and photographed at our lab. If you see our micrographs on another website, they are most likely selling our controls.

We sell histology for slides special stains and immunohistochemistry (IHC). While most of our public slide controls are human, we also workup our in-house antibodies using other species like mouse and rat. All controls sold by default are human unless otherwise stated. If you need mouse or rat tissues, please inquire.

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Showing all 8 results