Immunohistochemistry Control Slides

As you can see on our Antibodies Page, we have a few protocols worked up.  About half of these are performed on a regular basis (Monthly).  We are now selling the same control tissues that we use in our lab (all microscopic pictures taken by us).  3 Species are available, human, mouse and rat.  Note: some antibodies do not target all tissues.  Please inquire.

  • The antibodies we use, usually target multiple species.  Like CD8 antibody targets human and mouse tissues.  All control slides sold to customers, unless specially ordered are by default human.
Tonsil CD8
Human Tonsil CD8 10x






  • Like the special stains control slides we sell, these are high quality positive control tissues that are designed for IHC testing only.   
  • The first slide is stained and reviewed by a certified HT professional for correct positive staining. 
  • These are all human tissue, cut at 5um, placed at top third of slide.


  • Unstained slides are serially sectioned then air dried overnight, then baked at 60C for at least 1 hour before shipment.
  • Every box is labeled with a lot number.

Current turnaround times for control slides – Cut to order – 1 – 4 weeks

  • All slide sets are sent with a 30-day guarantee and will be replaced on request.
  • All shipping is done through FedEx and or UPS and is charged to the customer.
  • We require either a PO or credit card for purchase.
  • For samples, we ship 1 unstained per antibody.  These are all pre-cut stock that we (our lab) uses for internal positive controls.  They may or may not be the exact tissue you will receive upon ordering.
  • For Ventana users, the slides we use have been validated on one companies Ventana machines, but we urge you to try them yourself.
Control slides in a box
Control slides in a box
  • If you desire controls slides for a different species, other than human, we currently have both mouse and rat tissues available. Please inquire.
  • Large orders and consistent ordering discounts available.





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