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If you need high quality light micrograph pictures from slides, you have come to the right place. We can take pictures of H&E, special, and IHC slide pictures done at our facility. We have multiple light microscopes to take 4x, 10x, 20x and 40x pictures. All pictures are taken in TIFF format and equate to approximately 9-12MB. All pictures are shared to you, the customer via DropBox or Google drive.


Slide scanning is the new revolution. Scan all your slides into massive digital files. These files are useful for zooming in specific areas, running pre-calculated algorithms on and snapshots for powerpoint or paper presentations.

The technology of slide scanners is ever changing and still being developed. We had been leasing a slide scanner but have recently decided to use outside sources. Our partner lab has both light and fluorescent slide scanners.

Light slide scanning details:

  • Leica Aperio Scanner
  • Both 20x and 40x scanning available.
  • Huge 220 – 500 MB svs. Files shared via DropBox
  • Large format photo viewers are necessary. Suggested Aperio, Pathomation, or Caseviewer .

Fluorescent Slide Scanning Details:

  • Leica Aperio Scanner
  • 4x, 10x and 20x scanning available. Note: 20x scanning takes 8-10 hours per tissue.
  • Files are extremely large. A 32GB to 1TB hard drive is necessary to download files (not provided).
  • This service usually takes much longer to complete than traditional light slide scanning.

We have been collecting pictures for over 5 years.  These are everything, microscopic H&E, special stains, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.  Instead of posting them on every other website periodically like we have been, we think it’s time to share them here on one page. These stains have all been done here, in our facility.  The tissues, are all control slides or slides that were being tested in house for potential control slides.

We will try to categorize them and update as needed but we have thousands to go through.  If you would like to see something specific, please let us know.





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