Human liver with hepatitis H and E stain


We offer FOUR types of services/rates IRON, SILVER, GOLD AND PLATINUM.

Please select the one that best meets your needs. Sometimes we are unable to give definite return dates, however we will always do our best to process and return your orders in a timely manner.

NEW: Now offering to beat any competitors price on histology services.  We already have super low prices but are willing to go even lower if you provide us with a quote from a competitor and we will beat it by 10%.

Estimates available, please call or email us today!

SILVER: If you’re not in a hurry this service includes our routine turn-around time with low prices. Due to the popularity of these prices orders can take two weeks or more to complete depending on the size of the order.   Most small projects are completed in 14 business days.  Choose our ROUTINE service rate.

GOLD:This service is for small orders or if you’re in a rush. Upon receiving your order it will be put next in line for processing and returned to you within one week. This return time depends on how many priority orders we have received prior to yours and there size. We are unable to give you a definite return date but will do our best to meet your needs.   In general, most small projects are completed in 10 business days.  Choose our PRIORITY service rate.

PLATINUM: This service is for orders that need to be processed and returned immediately. We will start processing your order upon receiving it. Depending on the size of the order we will return your order within a few business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and state of emergencies) larger orders do take longer. This return time depends on how many rush orders we have received prior to yours and their size.  Most small projects are complete within 5 business days.  Choose or RUSH service rate.

Prices Effective January 1st 2019

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