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Our company is a full service Histopathology company that serves a broad range of customers.  Many of the techniques defined by histology are performed by us everyday.  As such, our passion to create excellent quality slides through processing, cutting and staining makes us perfect to sell you the same control slides we use at our facility.

If you desire, consistent, high quality tissue control slides for your project(s), then look no further.  We can supply both small and large facilities.  Discounts are available for very large or consistent orders.

We have been supplying a distributor (thousands / Month) with 24 different histopathology controls slides for more than 3 years.  Chances are good that you may already be purchasing our control slides from larger companies like mercedes, mastertech, path supply, cancer diag.  Instead of buying from the retail, who gets the slides from the distributor who buys them from us, why not buy them direct?

Our tissues are all human and are acquired through tissue banks with no identifying characteristics.   All tissues are H&E stained and verified by a board certified pathologist before being further tested.

Slides in slide box
Slides in slide box

We sell both histology for special stains and immunohistochemistry (IHC) control slides.  While all of our controls are human, we also workup our in-house antibodies using other species like mouse and rat.  All controls sold by default are human.  If you need mouse or rat tissues, please inquire.




All tissues types are placed on positively charged adhesive slides.  

We have rigorously tested these slides for routine, special, staining without issues.  

All controls are cut to order and placed on pure white, positively charged slides.   They have also been used on the Ventana XT without issues of falling off.

All slides have the stain type, slide, and lot numbers printed on them using the signature slide mate.

 Tissues are cut at 5um, serially sectioned and placed on the top third of the slide to allow room for patient tissue. 

We place all sections on the slide in the same orientation for consistency. 

For special stain controls the first and last slide (2) of every pack is stained for positive verification.  

Shipping Slides

Unstained slides are air dried (not baked) for a minimum of 48 hours before shipment.  If you desire them to be melted before shipping, please tell us.

Every stained slide is microscopically checked for positive material and it’s corresponding box is labeled with a lot number.

Current Turnaround Times – Cut to order – 1 – 6 weeks (Depending on Type).


All shipping is done through FedEx and or UPS  and is charged to the customer.

We require either a PO or credit card for purchase.

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Other Details

Technical support for staining protocols and procedures are available during business hours.  Staining protocols can also be provided upon request.

Call or email us for samples slides.


 Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB)  Giemsa Positive Control Slides
 Alcian Blue Control Slides  Helicobacter Pylori Positive Control Slides
 Amyloid Control Slides Hepatitis Positive Control Slides
 Argentaffin Control Slides  Mast Cell Positive Control Slides
 Bile Control Slides  Melanin Positive Control Slides
 Calcium Control Slides  Mucin Positive Control Slides
 Colloidal Iron Control Slides  PAS (Fungus) Positive Control Slides
 Copper Control Slides  PAS (Glycogen) Positive Control Slides
 Elastic Control Slides  PAS With Digestion Positive Control Slides
 Ferric Iron Control Slides  Reticulin Positive Control Slides
 Fite Positive Control / Discontinued Trichrome Positive Control slides
 Fungus Positive Control Slides
 Pneumocystis Positive Control Slides
 Gram Positive Control Slides


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