Suggested Control Tissues

Recommended IHC Control Tissue

This is JMD Histologistics growing list of tissue necessary for antibody staining.  We do not in any way attest to the tissue working perfectly for everyone.  With the varied amount of antibodies and their manufacturers, control tissue types should be found through antibody data sheets.   This is an ongoing list, it started with my introduction into the world of antibody staining in research.  Moving through clinical work, academia and now research again, the list grows.  

Since this is our list, it is not complete, we add new antibody types and tissues regularly.  We also know that some antibodies have more than one positive control type.  This may or may not be listed depending on our time to update the list, website or receiving conflicting information.  If you plan to start staining with an antibody, it is your duty to take our information lightly, do your own research before taking our word for a positive control.  We have included a PDF version for your enjoyment. 

If you have other antibodies not on this list and would like to have us update it with your control tissue(s), please email us  This also goes for corrections and or additions.  I am always happy to make new acquaintances and helpful colleagues.

Proliferation markers  

MIB-1(Ki-67) – Tonsil

Endothelial markers

CD31 – Tonsil/BM

CD34 – Tonsil/BM

Factor VIII – Tonsil/BM

Epithelial Markers  

CAM 5.2 – Skin

CK7 – Lung

CK8 – Lung

CK19 – Liver

EMA – Skin

Pan keratin – Skin

MNF-116 – Skin

Muscle & mesenchymal  

actin/SMA/1A4 – Tonsil/BM

Actin/MSA/HHF35 – Tonsil/BM

Desmin – Appendix

Myogenin – Rhabdo

MYOD1 – Rhabdo

S100 – Skin

SM myosin Intestine

Vimentin Tonsil/BM

Neural and Glial   

GFAP Brain

Myelin basic protein Brain

NeuN Brain

Neurofilament Spinal cord

(SMI-31) Spinal cord

NB84a Neuroblastoma

Olig-2 Brain

PGP9.5 Neuroblastoma

NSE Pancreas

Synaptophysin Pancreas

Tumor Associated  

AFP AFP tissue

Alpha1-antitrypsin Tonsil

Beta-HCG Placenta

Calretinin Appendix

CD99 Ewings

FLI-1 Ewings

Galectin-3 Thyroid

HMB-45 Melanoma                                   

Melan-A/mart-1 Skin

PLAP Placenta

TTF-1 Thyroid


Use infected tissue    

Cytomegalovirus (CMV)

EBV/EBER in situ                                                   

Hep B(core)

Hep B (surface)

H.pylori – infected 




Endocrine- pituitary

ACTH pituitary

Calcitonin Thyroid

Chromogranin pancreas

FSH pituitary

Glucagon pancreas

Inhibin placenta

Insulin pancreas

Insulin A Pancreas

LH pituitary

Thyroglobulin thyroid

TSH pituitary

Hematopoetic Markers

Bcl-2 tonsil/BM

Bcl-6 tonsil/BM

CD1a skin

CD3 tonsil/BM

CD4 tonsil/BM

CD5 tonsil/BM

CD8 tonsil/BM

CD10 tonsil/BM

CD15 tonsil/BM

CD20 tonsil/BM

CD21 tonsil/BM

CD30(KI-67) tonsil/BM

CD31 tonsil/BM

CD34 tonsil/BM

CD43 tonsil/BM

CD45-LCA tonsil/BM

CD45RO tonsil/BM

CD56 neuroblastoma

CD57 tonsil


CD68 tonsil/BM

CD71(TfR) tonsil/BM

Hematopoetic Markers cont. 

CD79a tonsil/BM

CD117/C-kit skin/BM

CD163 placenta

Fascin tonsil/BM

Granzyme B tonsil/BM

J chain tonsil/BM

Kappa light chain tonsil/BM

Alpha light chain tonsil/BM

Kappa light chain in situ tonsil/BM

Alpha light chain in situ tonsil/BM

Langerin skin

Lysozyme tonsil/BM

Myeloperoxidase BM


8-OHdG Skin

Alphabetical Order 

ACTH Anterior pituitary

Actin Muscle specific Skeletal Muscle, leiomyoma

Actin Smooth muscle(SMA) Uterus

AFP Germ cell, liver hepatoma, fetal liver

Albumin Liver

ALK-1 Large cell lymphoma

Alpha 1 fetoprotein hepatoma, fetal liver

Alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin(AACT) tonsil, hepatoma

Alpha 1 antitrypsin(AAT) tonsil, hepatoma

Androgen Receptor prostate

Aurora A/STK-15 MCF-7 cell, cancer tissue

B72.3 colon carcinoma, pancreatic carcinoma, breast

Bax Mammary carcinoma, breast carcinoma

BCL-1(cyclin D-1) mantle cell lymphoma

BCL-2 lymph node, tonsil

BCL-6 tonsil

Beta-Catenin – Spleen, testicle, colon, kidney, skin, breast, liver 

Ber-H2 Lymphoma, panceas

Ber-EP4 (epithelial antigen) skin, colon adenocarcinoma, mesothelioma, lung CA

Beta amyloid alzheimer’s brain

Bim Skin/ skin tumor

Bombesin Stomach, Duodenum, lung

BrdU BrdU treated tissue

CA 125 Ovarian carcinoma, breast CA

CA19-9 Lung

Calbindin D Cerebellum

Calcitonin thyroid, medulla carcinoma of thyroid

Calponin fibro adenoma

Calretinin mesothelioma, brain

Cam 5.2 Breast carcinoma

Casein Lactating mammary gland

Caspase 3 Skin/ tumor, embryo, heart, appendix, tonsil

Catalase Liver, brain (basal ganglia, thalamus, cerebellum)

Catenin Intestine

Cathepsin D breast carcinoma

CC10 Lung

CD1a Skin, thymus, tonsil

CD3 Tonsil

CD4 Tonsil

CD5 Tonsil

CD7 Tonsil

CD8 Ewing’s sarcoma, pancreas

CD10 Tonsil, kidney, uterus

CD11b Spleen, cerebellum (microglia)

CD13 Brain (striatum)

CD14 Placenta

CD15 (leuM1) metastatic adenocarcinoma of pleura or Hodgkin’s lymphoma

CD20, B-cell tonsil

CD21 tonsil

CD23, B-cell tonsil, spleen 

CD25 Tonsil, spleen, thymus

CD30 hodgkin’s lymphoma, reed sterberg

CD31 tonsil

CD34, vascular Ag tonsil

CD35 tonsil

CD38 Spleen

CD40 Spleen

CD41 Spleen

CD43 tonsil

CD44 Spleen, tonsil

CD44V6 baby thymus, tonsil

CD45(LCA) tonsil, lymph node, lymphoma

CD45RA tonsil

CD45RO, t-cell tonsil

CD54 Liver, spleen, lung

CD56 tonsil

CD57 tonsil

CD68 tonsil, lymph node

CD74 tonsil

CDw75 tonsil

CD79a tonsil

CD80 Spleen

CD99 Ewing’s sarcoma Ewing’s sarcoma

CD105 Kidney

CD117 (C-KIT) GI stromal tumor

CD138 Tonsil

Cdc2 Lung tumor, breast carcinoma

Cdk2 Colon

Cdk4 Skin

CDw49f (integrin-alpha6) Skin (basement membrane)

CDx2 – Colon Carcinoma –

CEA 1-  Normal colon, appendix, Breast carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, lung cancer –

CERB2 – Breast cancer, gastric cancer, adenocarcinoma –

HCG 3 – Placenta –

Chromogranin A – pancreas –

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) – Infected 

C-MYC – Lung Carcinoma, Breast Carcinoma , colon Carcinoma –

Collagen IVA3 – skin, kidney, tonsil –

Cytokeratin 20 – colon & Colon carcinoma –

Cytokeratin 5/6 mesothelioma

Cytokeratin 7 adenocarcinoma, breast cancer

Cytokeratin 14 Skin

Cytokeratin 8&18 – Skin, prostate carcinoma, breast, pancreas/tumor

Cytokeratin 903 skin, adenocarcinoma

Cytokeratin AE1/AE3 – skin, prostate adenocarcinoma

Cytokeratin MNF-116 skin, squamous cell carcinoma

Cytokeratin WSS skin

Cytokeratin Pan (AE1&Cam5.2) skin, adenocarcinoma

CKR6 Lymph node

CKR7 Lymph node

CNPase Brain/ glia tumor

Collagen I Placenta. Kidney

Collagen IV Kidney, skin, placenta, lymph node

Cox2 Colon, kidney

CX3CR1 Lymph node

CXCR4 Skin

CYP1B1 Liver

DBA.44 hairy cell reactive lymph node, spleen, hairy cell leukemia

Defensin1-alpha (HDEFA-1) Skin

Defensin1-beta (NBD-1) Skin

Defensin2-beta (HBD-2) Skin

Desmin leimyoma

Dopamine Hydroxylase Brain (stratum/Substantia nigra)

EBV-LMP EBV infected tissue

E-Cadherin pancreas, lung carcinoma, breast carcinoma

EGFR Placenta

EMA breast

Epithelial antigen colon adenocarcinoma

Estrogen receptor breast carcinoma, breast

F4/80 – Spleen, Thymus, lung, liver

Factor VIII tonsil, skin, intestine

Factor XIII dermatofiboma

Fas Spleen, Thymus, colon

Fas-L Spleen, thymus, colon

Flag (M2) Heart muscle

Fhit Muscle

Flk-1 Colon carcinoma, blood vessel endothelium

Filaggrin Skin

Flt-1 Kidney, heart


FSH pituitary

Gastrin stomach, antrum

GAPDH (V-18) Lens, liver, lung, prostate cancer

GCDFP/BRST 2 breast carcinoma

GFAP astrocytoma, brain

Glucagon pancreas

Glycophorin A 3rd term placenta

Glycoprotein IIIa 1st term placenta

Granzyme B, T-cell tonsil, melanoma, spleen

GRB2 Colon carcinoma

GSH2 (E-20) Lens

Growth hormone(hGH) pituitary

HbcAg hepatitis B core infected liver

HbcAg hepatitis B surface infected liver

HDJ2 Tonsil

Heme-Oxygenase-1 (HO-1) Lung

Hemoglobin tonsil

Her2Neu (cerbB2) breast carcinoma

Herpes simplex virus I infected lung

Herpes simplex virus II infected lung

HGF Liver

HIF-1 alpha Prostate tumor, lung tumor

Histone H2AX Tonsil, skin

Histone H3 (Phospho-histone H3) Tonsil, skin, spleen, small intestine

HMB45(melanosome) melanoma

HMGB1 – Colon, stomach, colon adenocarcinoma, liver, tonsil, kidney

HPL placenta, tonsil, colon

HPV HPV infected tissue, anogenital tissue

HSA (hepatocyte specific antigen) Normal liver or liver carcinoma

HSP70 Skin, pulmonary arteries, smooth muscle

Indolamine – Spleen, tonsil, colon, GIST, Colon adenocarcinoma

IgA tonsil

IgD Tonsil

IgG tonsil

IgM tonsil

IL-1 Lung

IL-6 Lung

IL-8 Lung

Inhibin granular cell tumor

Integrin Skin (basement membrane)

Involucin Skin

Kappa – Most cancers

KP-1 Colon, Small Bowel, Liver, Skin

Keratin Skin

Keratin7 Lung, Ovary, endometrium and breast carcinoma, skin

Keratin14 Skin

Keratin15 Skin

KI67 Skin, small intestine, tonsil, thymus, breast carcinoma

Lambda – Testicle, lymph node

Laminin Skin, Kidney

LAT Spleen

LCA Tonsil

Ly-6A/E Thymus

Ly-6G Spleen

Ly-49 Spleen

Hormone Tonsil

MAC Placenta, spleen

MAP2 Brain (cerebral cortex)

Mast cell tryptase Bone marrow, lung, skin, colon

MEK ½ (phosphor-MEK ½) Breast cancer

MHV MHV liver

MIP2 Skin

MItf Bone marrow, lung, skin, colon

MMP-2 Placenta, skin

MMP9 Lung

MOMA1 Spleen

MRP14 CAPAN-1 cells, lung cancer

MT-1 Tonsil

MT-2 Tonsil

Myeloperoxidase Bone marrow, spleen, tonsil

Myosin Skeletal muscle, tonsil, tongue

Myoglobin Heart, tonsil

Pan keratin (AE1 / AE3) – 

Suggested Immunohistochemistry Controls