Histology Services

We are a contract research organization (CRO) histology laboratory.

Our autonomous lab offers a range of histology services to fulfil your needs.  To appropriately serve you, all employees are ASCP certified or eligible trained professionals.


Our Histology Services include:

Necropsy & Gross Dissection:

Send us your fixed animals for our organ gross dissection and cassetting service.  Prices are per animal.

Paraffin Processing and Embedding: 

We accept tissues in cassettes or ones that need to be cassetted. They are processed on 1 of 2 fully automated tissue processors.  After processing, we embed your tissues in fresh high quality paraffin.

Cryogenic Processing and Embedding:

Send us your fresh tissues (rush) to be processed in an isopentane, liquid nitrogen slurry. Once this is done, we embed in OCT, prior to cutting on the cryostat. We also accept pre-embedded OCT tissues sent on dry ice for cryostat sectioning.


Paraffin, cryostat and plastic sectioning are performed on any type of tissue or material, mammal, amphibian, reptile, birds, wood (pine tree), coffee, stents, undecalcified bone, plant roots, etc.

paraffin microtome
Microm HM 355S

Tissues, stents, bone or devices appropriately fixed if necessary are processed and embedded in GMA or MMA epoxy for sectioning, grinding,  staining and microscopy.


Slides made by us from your tissues or sent pre-cut are stained using routine (H&E) and or special staining techniques.  All our stains are made, in house and have been modified by us for optimal tissue viewing characteristics.  Please see our special stains list for your desired target.  We also work up any stain you are familiar with or would like to use (inquire).

Antibody staining:

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunofluorescence (IF) antibodies are done at

Breast cancer
Human Breast carcinoma Ki67 Antibody

our facility .  If you have a target protein and would like to test for it using antibodies, we may already have a working protocol.  If we do not have a protocol, we may be able to find one or we can do a series of different tests to discern the best procedure (Discovery).  Our current antibody list (here) Please give us a call for more information.

Tissue Micro Array (TMA):

Both paraffin and fresh tissue services are available for making TMA blocks from your existing tissues. We use a new system for making TMA blocks that is less time-consuming and does not use the traditional tools and equipment.  This allows us to charge less and offer faster turnaround times.

Macro & Microscopic Photographs

There are 2 microscopes, one fluorescent with different camera set-ups that take high quality photographs of tissue stains.  All of our pictures are of high quality (TIFF), and can be taken at various objective powers.


Histologistics supports all of our clients work from start to finish.  Are you in need of preclinical biopharma discovery services?  Our Northeast preclinical network Northeast Preclinical Network of CRO pharmaceutical companies can help you design, carry out and get histopathology results faster than most other networks.  When you partner with us, not only will you get world-class histology services but also, specialties like target ID, chemistry, In vitro, In vivo efficacy, PK / ADME, and bioanalysis.  Our therapeutic areas of specialty include; oncology – cancer, autoimmune, inflammation, vaccines and infections, and metabolic diseases.  Call us today to find out how we can help you with our histology services and other specialized pharmaceutical services.

2.5 liter bioprocessing vessel
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