Histology Services

We offer a wide array of histology services and turnaround times to fit your needs.


  • Gross Dissection: Send us your fixed and or frozen tissues, we will dissect and cassette whole animals into separate cassettes or single tissues to your specifications before paraffin or frozen processing.
  • De-calcification: Bone, calcium deposits? We can de-calcify tissues using slow or fast techniques, before processing. Note: Frozen tissues must be fixed prior to de-calcification.
  • We have 2 Tissue Tek VIP automated tissue processors that are used daily for client projects.
  • Paraffin processing could be up to a 16 hour program that is run overnight.
  • After processing is complete, our techs embed your tissues, using your specified orientation notes, into high quality paraffin blocks.
  • Blocks can be cut to your specifications, unstained and or stained with our routine H&E, special stains, permanent (HRP) or fluorescent antibodies.


  • As with paraffin techniques, frozen tissues sent can be dissected before snap freezing and or embedded, per your instructions, into OCT.
  • We use the Cryocut 1800 (cryostat) for all frozen sectioning.
  • Likewise, frozen sections can be stained with the same techniques as paraffin.
  • Frozen sections can also stay unstained, fixed or not and sent back for your use.
  • We have Bregma brain map knowledge to section specific areas of the brain. Please call to arrange a conversation with a brain cutting specialist.


  • Tissue microarrays(TMA): Paraffin and cryogenic services are available.
  • In many tissue mircoarrays the cores float around in the waterbath. When this happens, the core orientation can change resulting in stained slides that are difficult to read. Our TMA making process is faster. Cores are surrounded by liquid paraffin rather than embedded in pre-made blocks. This process does not allow core orientation to change ever.
  • Both paraffin and fresh (frozen) tissue services are available for making TMA blocks from your existing tissues. We use a new system for making TMA blocks that is less time-consuming and does not use the traditional tools and equipment.  This allows us to charge less and offer faster turnaround times. 
  • Send us your cell pellets, tissues for paraffin or cryogenic processing, paraffin or OCT blocks. We can make, cut and stain most size TMA’s quickly. Do you need 0.5mm cores with 2mm cores in the same block? How about your company name written in the TMA? Custom TMA’s are available.


  • Our paraffin cutting experience is unmatched. Our experience cutting has all types of human, animal, marine, insect, lizard, avian, amphibian species. Give us your toughest tissues to cut and stain, we can do it! Our techs and microtomes can handle anything you throw at us.
  • We focus on quality sections not speed. Blocks are trimmed so that at least 95% of the tissue in the block is visible on the slide.


  • Do you need high quality micro-graphs (pictures) for your publications?
  • We have several microscopes with cameras that can take 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and oil pictures.
  • Do you want high resolution scans that can be used for your papers or cellular analysis? Then we have the solution. We offer scanning at 20x and 40x for light microscopy.


  • Slide staining is a very important part of the histology process. No matter what you are looking for H&E staining is essential for general morphology. Every published paper has a least 1 H&E picture. We use our own stain formula that gives nuclei a vibrant purple and other tissues 3 shades of pink.
  • The special stains we use the most are protocols like, Masson’s trichrome, Gomori’s basement membrane, Snook’s reticulin, Mcmanus PAS, Grocott’s (GMS). All stains are QC’d with our positive control slides that are provided by us.


Do you have a desired target protein? We have the solution. Antibodies can target everything, proteins, bacteria, virus, fungus and prions. No matter what your target is, we can help you see it.

We can get any antibody to work using our TMA’s and other control tissues. More than 50 working antibody protocols have been done for previous customers.