Sending Us Specimens

Please go to and fill out the Service Request Form on the JMD Histology website.

Tissue Submission

For your convenience we have provided some common questions that arise before shipping specimens to our histology service facility.

We accept all mammalian, birds, fish, reptiles, arthropods and amphibian tissues.  We also accept non-traditional specimens such as wood, coffee, ECM, anything you want tested etc.

Fixed Tissues

We accept all types of tissues that have been fixed in your choice of fixation.  Please tell us of the fixation used so that we can select an appropriate processing method.  We suggest transferring your tissues into 70% alcohol before shipping.  This will cut the need to declare hazardous material (fixation).

Unfixed Tissues

All unfixed tissues should be shipped as soon as possible after taken out of the body to decrease atrophy.  Specimens should be sent in PBS and refrigerated if possible to further decrease necrotic microscopic results.  We also ask that you let us know prior to shipping.

Frozen Tissues

Due to the nature of frozen tissues, we ask you to notify us at least 1 day before sending specimens.  If you ship on dry ice, a priority overnight service is requested to ensure tissue stability.  We would also like to know the conditions of said tissue of the actual procedure used to freeze the tissues.  This helps us determine how best to handle your tissues once they arrive.  Please have all packages arrive before 3 pm Monday – Thursday.  We do not accept any frozen deliveries on Saturday or Sunday.

How should we ship our specimens?

Specimens should be packaged well to contain any fluids. Be sure to enclose your shipment in several containers or bags to make sure it does not leak. Leaking shipments are often rejected by shipping companies for safety reasons. Be sure your package is well padded to avoid damage if they are dropped or crushed. You can ship your specimens in whichever media best suits your needs. Follow your local regulations when shipping specimens.


Please contact us via email at least 1 day before shipping.  This allows us to plan and look out for the package.

Send A Manifest

For all projects, please send us a manifest (ID record) with your package (see manifest example-2). This manifest is used to identify and match your specimens to the ID record. It is also used for writing cassettes, blocks, slides (if necessary). A manifest for each study is necessary before any histology work begins.

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