Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Questions


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Why would I want additional slides cut from my blocks?

Additional slides can be used to show deep levels of the block. They can also be used for stains other than H&E, or archived for other stains to be performed after review of H&E slides is complete.

Is there a discount for students and schools?

Yes we sometimes offer discounts to these types of study/research type organizations.

Is it possible to just send you blocks that are already processed?

Yes we will cut blocks for you as if they were our own.

Will you stain slides that we send to you?

Yes, this service is by request. Most special stains are offered.

Inquire at

Can you cut multiple slides?

Yes, we can give you as many slides per block as is possible, this can be over 100 slides with larger blocks.

How long will we have to wait to get our slides?

The time your slides will arrive changes depending on our workload.

Can we send you bone?

Yes, we can decal bone and cut it. This service involves an extra step which takes more time than usual. The decalcification process often changes the cell membrane and nucleus. It must be checked daily for the exact endpoint of decalcification process. Larger specimens can take weeks, smaller specimens can be decalcified overnight.

Will you come to our facility and work with our equipment?

Yes, we do offer travel tech services.

Will you come to our facility and help us set up our own histology lab?

Yes we offer work flow and training services.


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How will our specimens be handled at your facility?

If you do not include a detailed manifest we will assign your specimens each a number and this number will be found on your slides, cassettes and containers. Sometimes a manifest have large amounts of data that will not fit onto slides or cassettes, in this case we will also assign numbers to your slides cassettes and containers. To ensure your manifest is followed without us assigning numbers for you, you must limit the digits in your lettering or numbering system to 10 letters or numbers. A specimen received that is marked” A43Right” will have a cassette and slide that also marked “A43Right”. A specimen received that is marked “Anterior4length3WidthRight” will be re-marked as “A43Right”, always as something similar to help you read during your study.

How will our slides, blocks and specimens be returned to us?

All specimens are returned in paraffin blocks. All slides are boxed in a 25, 50 or 100 slide boxes.  Sending your own boxes will save you money, our boxes cost $10.00 each.

No wet specimens will be returned. All shipping is done VIA FedEx unless otherwise requested.