In-House Antibodies

These our in house antibodies.  They have been worked up by us and usually target more than one species.  Most of them are tested using at least 2 species both normal and abnormal tissues if possible.  We have numerous pictures, some posted here,  on various tissue types.  All antibodies have data sheets from their respective manufactures, contact us if desired.

We are constantly testing new antibodies both for customers (their targets) and ourselves.  If you do not see a desired target, please inquire.  As for favorite antibody manufactures, we use a wide variety, but prefer ones that work on the first try.  We have had good luck with every Santa Cruz monoclonal antibody, they usually work first try. Most antibodies are intended for paraffin HRP but we have gotten a few to work for fluorescent as well.  If possible, we generally choose monoclonal since they are more specific and generally produce less background staining.

  1.  Anti-neutrophil antibody (ANA) – Abcam ab2557– Rat monoclonal, Target – Mouse.
Mouse bone marrow ANA 10x
Mouse bone marrow ANA 10x






2.  Beta-Catenin (CTTNB1) – Biolegend 844602 – Recombinant, Targets-Human, Mouse, Rat.

Mouse epididymis Beta-catenin antibody
Mouse epididymis CTNNB



3.  CD8 – Invitrogen MA5-14373 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.

4.  CD11b – Abcam ab133357 – Rabbit monoclonal – Targets – mouse, human.

CD11b antibody
Human tumor CD11b





5.  CD15 – Abcam ab188610 – Mouse monoclonal – Target – Human.

Spleen IHC
Human spleen CD15




6.  CD31 – Abcam ab28364 – Rabbit polyclonal – Targets – Human, mouse, pig.

CD8 antibody
Tumor CD31 40x





7.  CD45 – Abcam ab10558 – Rabbit polyclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human, pig, rhesus monkey.

Mouse intestine CD45
Mouse intestine CD45






8.  CD68 – Abcam – ab955 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – mouse, human, rat, rabbit.


9.  Cytomegalovirus – NovusBio NBP1-22532 – Mouse monoclonal – Target – Virus

Placenta IHC
Human Placenta CMV





10.  DDX4 – Abcam ab27591 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rabbit, human, pig.

Ovary fluorescent
Ovary DDX4 +GFP + Dapi







11.  F4/80 – Santa Cruz sc-377009 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.





12.  FOXP3 – Santa Cruz sc-53876 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.

lymphoma IHC
Human lymphoma FoxP3






13.  Granzyme B – Santa Cruz sc-8022 – Mouse Monoclonal – Targets – mouse, rat, human.

Human Melanoma IHC
Human Melanoma Granzyme B
Granzyme B
Mouse spleen Granzyme B


14.  Helicobacter Pylori – Scytek RA0379-C.5-IFU-RUOrev1, Rabbit polyclonal – Target – H. pylori bacterium.

microscopic picture of intestine with helicobacter pylori
Helicobacter pylori – IHC





15.  HMGB1 – Abcam – 79823– Rabbit monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.


16.  IGF1R – Bioss – 0227R – Rabbit polyclonal – Targets – Human, mouse, rat.

17.  Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) – Santa Cruz -53978 – Rat monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.


18.  Ki-67 – Abcam 16667 – Rabbit monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human, common marmoset.


19.  Ly-6B.2 – Bio-rad MCA771GA – Mouse monoclonal – Target – Mouse.

Mouse spleen IHC
Mouse spleen Ly6b.2


20.  Ly-6G (GR1) – Biolegend -108436 – Rat monoclonal – Target – Mouse.


21.  Perforin – Santa Cruz – 136994 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, human.


22.  Smooth Muscle Actin (1A4) – Abcam 7817 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Mouse, rat, sheep, rabbit, human, pig.

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  1. Hi Hans. The tonsil controls we you made for us here at Borsting’s Labs were excellent! The sections were perfect and the chromogen “lit up” beautifully with immunoperoxidase staining.


  2. Hi Jeff,

    I’m glad everything went so well. I stained one slide with H&E just to see if everything was in the right place. Let us know if you need anything else!


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