Hello and welcome to the new Histologistics informational website.

This website is the only remnant of the Histologistics company. The company could not continue throughout the pandemic and had to close. During this closing time, I (Hans Snyder) thought about the initial goal of starting a company and that was to help researchers, histologists, pathologists, patients around the world with histology related topics. Since the company has come full circle, from nothing, back to nothing, I have decided to regurgitate the knowledge, as much as a can here.

I will try to list all the special stains and antibody protocols, in pdf format I come across or had done in the past. I know both of these subjects are notoriously difficult to find good working protocols.

The other chemical protocols such as decalcification solutions, fixatives, antibody retrieval, buffers, tips and tricks will also be posted.

Most of these protocols are ones that I worked out and used for the company. In order to get them working for your needs, you may have to take and modify our protocol for your setup.