Fungus Control Slides

We bought too many fungus tissues and consequently are selling fungus slides to the public.  We have been using them for positive control slides for both GMS & PAS stains but assume they would stain with any fungus stain.  The associated fungus types are Fusarium, Pseudallescheria Boydii and Aspergillus.

These are FFPE human peritoneum with abundant fungus throughout.  This comes from one patient, we have, peritoneum, small intestine and colon.  We are only selling the peritoneum tissues at this time.

Fungus blocks
Fungus FFPE blocks

I realize it’s hard to trust a new source for control slides, they are so crucial for good consistent staining.  One thing I can say, is we have been supplying a large distributor with 30 special stain control slides (including fungus), all human for more than 3 years.  We supply them with more than 2000 slides a month.  Chances are you already buy these slides from a retailer that is buying them from the distributor who is getting them from us.  We are now offering you a similar deal.

  All controls are cut to order and placed on pure white, positively charged slides.  We have used these slides bought from Springside Scientific for H&E, special, IHC and IF staining without issue over the past 3 years. 

 Tissues are cut at 5um and placed on the top third of the slide to allow room for patient tissue.  We place all sections on the slide in the same orientation for consistency.  Both 25ct and 100ct boxes the first and last slide of every pack is stained for positive verification.

Unstained slides are air dried (not baked) for a minimum of 48 hours before shipment. Every stained slide is microscopically checked for positive material and it’s corresponding box is labeled with a lot number.






Technical support for staining protocols and procedures are available during business hours.  Staining protocols can also be provided upon request.

Since slides are cut to order, we ask you allow us 2 weeks before shipments of 1000 slides or under.  Any orders over 1000 slides can take 2-5 weeks before shipment. 

Call or email us for samples slides.


Product # PCS012-014-A  –  25ct box – 23 unstained, 2 stained –    $62.50


Product # PCS012-014-B  –  100ct box – 98 unstained, 2 stained –  $200.00


All shipping is done through FedEx and is charged to the customer.

We require either a PO or credit card for purchase.

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