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Customized Histology Staining for Your Projects


Masson’s Trichrome blue and green in the same tissues:

Blue                                     Green                                    Blue                                           Green

Histology slide pictures of Trichrome blue vs green


We have over 40 special stain protocols that can be customized to fit your needs.  We realize that not every histology lab’s stains look the same, that’s why we are will to change, and modify our protocols to suit your project.  The subtle differences of one stain, in our eyes may be minute but what counts is our clients preferences.

In the past, we have done custom stains such as modifying the trichrome blue to a green.  Looking at them in the colon, the colors are very similar but the umbilical cord has marked changes.  Striving to meet your needs not matter the application, we are all about your needs.  This goes beyond staining, we will change any of our histology services (protocols) to make a good fit for you.


Call us for more information.

Hans Snyder – 508-308-7800

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Histology Stain Picro-sirius Red With Nuclei Stain


A comparison of the picrosirius red stain with and without a nuclear stain.

We took the original picrosirius red stain and modified it to create our version with crisp looking nuclei.

The picture on the left has been stained with Weigert’s hematoxylin and on the right, no nuclear stain.

Collagen – Red         Muscle – Green       Nuclei – black


histology stain picro-sirius red

What is your preference?

Collagen – the tissue glue, plays a vital role in maintaining structural integrity in tissue function.  This stain is used to detect many disease models such as liver fibrosis, skin wounds, myocardial scars, and arterial tissue.


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Amyloid (Congo Red) Tissue Control Slides On Sale $1.37 Per Slide

Human Kidney Amyloid Congo red 1


This is an incredible tissue control sale that will only last 30 days.  We have high quality amyloid for congo red staining control tissues for just $1.37 per slide!

These tissues are placed on positively charged slides and baked for 60 minutes to ensure their adhesion.  All slides are cut to order and can be customized to meet your needs.  We can place negative control tissue right next to the amyloid tissue and orient to your specifications.

Orders will be taken be email at a first come first serve basis.  No order is considered too small or too large, if we still have the tissue you will get it.

Most other histology supply companies charge between $3.15 to $6.00 per slide.  This is a 1 month sale and will expire on 8/24/2014 or when the tissue is gone.

Please contact us for a sample. (US only)

Histologistics Inc.
Hans B Snyder
60 Prescott Street
Worcester, MA 01605

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Calcium Staining in Histology

There are many stains out there to histologically stain for calcium but we use primarily 2.  They both give different color results and use different chemicals.  The first is called Alizarin Red S.  This stain can be visualized with or without a polarizing microscope.  The polarized microscope makes the calcium deposits much brighter (see picture below).  As the picture suggests, we also carry positive control slides for this and other calcium stains.  We like this one the best because it is a much quicker stain that can be completed in 25 minutes using paraffin slides.  The chemicals necessary for the stain are alizarin Red S powder and ammonium hydroxide.  You also need a pH meter to get the solution to a pH range of 4.1-4.3.

The other stain is Von Kossa‘s method for calcium.  This is a much longer stain (1 hour 41 minutes) that uses silver nitrate to turn the calcium salts black.  To achieve good results with this stain, the tissue sections must be exposed to direct sunlight, a UV lamp or a 100 watt lamp light while immersed in the silver nitrate.  In our opinion this stain is more finicky and easier to foul up than the Alizarin Red stain.  Unlike most silver protocols, the glassware in this protocol will not turn black.  The Von Kossa solution protocol will be posted on the protocol solutions the day after today.

Human Kidney  Von Kossa
Human Kidney Von Kossa



How to clean glassware after doing silver stains:

After the stain is complete and the controls tissues have been verified, the toning solution (gold chloride) can be used to clean all glassware.  Keep in mind that this solution is very toxic and should be disposed of properly (not down the sink).