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Synaptophysin Workup Complete

Human Pancreas synaptophysin

Just this past week we finished working up a mouse monoclonal synaptophysin antibody targeting Mouse, Rat and Human.  We tested this using all 3 species types plus human abnormal tissues.  The results are in and we now offer this antibody to our customers.

Synaptophysin – Santa Cruz – sc-55507 – Mouse monoclonal – Targets – Human, Mouse, Rat

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Free Control Slides

Histology Control Slides

Beginning this week, all 22ct histology control slides (see link below) bought will now come with 3 extra unstained slides FREE. Buy 22 get 25 controls.
Histology Control Slides

We have 24 different human histology control types to choose. Mouse and rat normal tissues are also available as control slide sets (inquire). Some controls like Fite, fungus, gram and helicobacter pylori are four of our most popular controls. They go fast, get them before they’re gone!

This promotion (3 free slides) will be species specific but not necessarily same tissue type. We will try to match same controls as bought but if they are not available, we will throw in another validated control type. If you order hospital grade human tissues you will get 3 similar unstained slides, free. Likewise, if you order Mouse or Rat 22ct, you will get 3 free mouse or rat slides respectively.

Extra slides will be marked with either our slide printer or hand written. Extra slides may or may not be sequentially ordered and will be placed at the back of each box.

Free slides are not guaranteed and will discontinue at anytime. 100ct boxes not included in the promotion.

Contact us at 508.461.7207

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Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Control Slides

We have a record number of acid fast bacilli (AFB) slides (1000) being sold this month.

These are selling like hotcakes! These controls are so easy to read, even on the lowest objective without focusing, the bacteria are visible!

There are 3 – 22ct boxes left from this same lot #27718B74 (picture below). First and last slide are stained for positive with 20 unstained.  Get them before they’re gone!

AFB Control slides
AFB Control slides

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Melanoma Marker (HMB45) Validated

Our lab has validated the HMB45 antibody for use on Human and mouse tissues.  This was tested using human melanoma and mouse skin tissues and has passed with flying colors!  So far, our clients have expressed interest in only human tissues, perhaps other clients will have a need?

See our other validated antibodies Here.

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Now Available: Kappa Light Chain Antibody

Human breast carcinoma Kappa Light Chain Antibody

Last week we validated the monoclonal Santa Cruz -59265 antibody for human tissue.  This was performed using 4 cancer tissues; renal cell carcinoma, lung adenocarcinoma, B-cell lymphoma and breast carcinoma.