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microscopic picture of placenta stained with picrosirius red
Picrosirius red – Placenta

Welcome To JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc.

Hello, my name is Hans B Snyder, I’m the Vice President of JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc.  We are a small New England based histology service, that started while I was laid up during a back injury in 2012.  With too much time on my hands, and a mind that just does not stop, I decided to work on a long-term goal to run my histology lab and teach others the art of histology.

Our goal is to help as many people as possible, researchers, doctors, patients and students.  We see the field of histopathology shrinking instead of growing.  For research, clinical and academia, this is bad news.   It seems, there’s not good enough histologists taking the place of those trying to retire.  This shortage of workers means less technicians do more work.  When less people do more work, there is more mistakes and slower turnaround times.  We want to make up for this lack of good trained technicians by taking young enthusiastic willing people and training them with our methods while working with or for us.

Microscopic picture of articular cartilage stained with safranin-O
Safranin – O – Knee joint – Articular cartilage (red)

We now run out of a 2400 sqft lab that offers a wide range of services.  By teaming up with JMD, we have decreased turnaround time, introduced new TMA services and boosted customer service.





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