Company Going Out of Business


It’s true, we are in the process of going out of business. After 9 years of business, we can no longer survive. We’ve had up’s and downs just like every business does, but when Covid19 hit, it sent us in a downward spiral. Throughout the past 3 years, we had high hopes things would turn around and we always assumed we would be able to get by and carry on. This carry on as usual was not possible, we were not able to jump the highest hurdles. We are sad to go. This experience taught me so much and I do not regret having tried and now giving up. Even though the company is going down in flames, this website will stay up.

The website and blog is and has been a part of me (Hans B Snyder) for the past 10 years. I created, edited, changed it, wrote all the posts, changed and re-changed all the pages, pictures and content to the website. It is a part of me, a resume, and I have changed it to my personal funds so that it will stay for as long as I can keep it. Even though the services are gone, the knowledge I have obtained are still retained. In the long run, I plan to expand the website, adding IHC/IF protocols, more special staining protocols with how to of solution(s) mixing, pictures, insights and more.

During the course of re-doing the website, I have changed the layout and might again. Comments on posts and pages will be disabled but, at some point, I may make my email available for specific histology related questions. Previous post, even the first posts may be changed and renewed depending on additions that have since come to light. I will try my best to covey and pass on my experiences through this website.

Until we meet again…. Good Luck!