Cytomegalovirus Works on First Run


This past week, we worked up two new antibodies. One the Novusbio CMV antibody, that will be discussed here and IGF1 which will be detailed in another post.  For the CMV antibody test, we used positive human infected tissue control slides (paraffin) made by us.  This is for a larger client project that will hopefully continue for many years.

Human Placenta CMV 10x

We’ve had a great deal of good success with antibodies lately, getting them to work on the first run and this one was no exception.  We used the company recommended dilution along with 2 others, just to make sure theirs was the best.  Then we used our signature antibody work-up procedure, a range of different HIER, blocking, and reagent chemicals along with various times and temperatures.  This procedure has been used to decipher many of the antibodies without protocols.

Human Placenta CMV

The CMV antibody protocol is now available here.