Fungus FFPE Blocks for Sale

We have a number of extra FFPE human peritoneum, colon and small intestine tissues with fusarium, pseudallescheria boydii and or aspergillus fungus infection.  They have been tested by us and some work well for both GMS and PAS, while some work for one type of staining.  There is fungus throughout the tissue.

After cutting a significant number of these for ourselves we decided to sell some of the extras.  We used these tissues for control slides.  While tissue sizes vary, most range between 10mm X 3mm X 2mm to 5mm X 4mm X 3mm.  Our technicians were able to split most blocks into 3 to 6  blocks, and cut between 1000 to 1800 slides.

We are a full service histopathology lab that has been in business for 5+ years.  With our histology experience, we provide paraffin, cryogenic, plastic, TMA’s, routine, special and IHC/IF staining.  Being such, we can cut one or more slides and stain 45 different ways, for your review at additional cost.

Block prices vary from $200 to $300 each depending on size. Please inquire for pricing.

Contact us at:

JMD Histology & Histologistics Inc.

151 W Main St Lowr

Dudley, MA 01571






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