What Kind of Fungus is This?

You know there’s something wrong with the GMS stain when everything turns black.  Time to make new reagents.  After they are all made, it’s right to test the stain with known control tissue.  After the staining was complete, a variety of black components covered my slides.  The GMS stain is a silver stain that fungi “reduce” and then appear black.  Unfortunately other tissues also can turn black and add confusion to the diagnosis of a type of fungus.  After the slides were dried for 24 hours, I took high-resolution pictures of the black substances in my tissues to hopefully get help in fungi identification from you.  Below are 6 different slides with possible fungi.  If anyone knows what any of these pictures could be please comment below.  All comments are welcome.

  1. Muc 1.1 GMS 20x











2. Fungus 2 GMS 100x














FUN 6 GMS 100x














Fun 1.1 GMS 100x


































FUN GMS 2.1 100x













6. GMS 1.1 100x

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