Source Medical Products

In doing business in a laboratory setting, there has to be many different vendors for the all sorts of supplies needed.  It would be nice to get everything in one place, just like the super walmart.  This may indeed be possible if we wanted to deal with the impersonal giants like Sigma and VWR but then the prices would reflect their monstrous company.  Instead we tried many different vendors and have recently found the one that suits us.  They are a relatively new small company that focuses on service, price and quality verses the conglomerates and their money.  They have or can get all the same products like the bigger companies but charge a fraction of the price, ship faster and are much more pleasant to deal with.  One of their newest additions is their all human positive control slides.  They are top quality slides for much less than everyone else.  The company supports labs with supplies all over the world but has it’s base in the US.  After the 6 month date of using them, we have started to recommend them to all who need something, since our experience has been very positive, we would like to help everyone with their needs.  In helping us with our lab supplies, we have turned around and agreed to be their liaison for any histology consultation they or their clients may need.  This relationship has just begun but we hope to be affiliated with them for years to come.   If you are having trouble with your current vendor and are hesitant to change, drop us a line and we will give you our contact person with Source, so that you can give them a try.

The company is

Source Medical Products







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