What does this stain for?


We have been testing a new fluorescent compound for months.  At first we thought it might stain GAGs because the commonalities of the tissue stained pointed to this.  Today we stained the same tissues but used a different fluorescent scope to view the results.  They were varied and inconsistent from the original.  My best guess to what tissues are being highlighted are red blood cells.  Take a look at the pictures.  Will anyone help us figure out these structures?


Human Cord fluorescent blue 10x
Human Cord fluorescent blue 20x
Human Heart fluorescent 20x
Human Heart fluorescent 40x
Human Heart fluorescent 40x
Human Heart fluorescent 20x
Human Placenta fluorescent blue 10x
Human skin fluorescent 10x
Human skin fluorescent 40x
Rat colon fluorescent blue 20x


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