We recently had a request for the protocol to coat slides with poly-l-lysine.  This is good for tissues that fall off using positively charged slides or chrom-alum in the water bath.  Sometimes tissues just will not stay on even for just H&E staining.  This can be frustrating and bothersome.  Frozen sections and sometimes IHC will give these kinds of problems.  A histologist will typically try different solutions until finding one that works.  The protocol will also be posted in the protocol section for printing.


Make your own concentrated solution: 

Poly-L-Lysine – 1gm

DH2O – 100ml 


Buy pre-made Poly-L-Lysine 

1. Dilute stock solution 1ml Poly-L-Lysine to 10ml DH2O

2. Prepare a 50ml working solution in a coplin jar

3. Place plain glass slides (no charge) in the solution for 5 minutes

4. Take slides out and air dry (slides must be completely dry before using)

5. Repeat as necessary


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