Elastic Fiber Pictures

Human skin VVG 20x
Human skin VVG 10x

Here are the other 2 pictures that were going to be in the previous post, plus 6 more.  The other 6 are also 10x,20x, and 40x of 2 different tissues.  I can not imagine what life would be like without flexibility.

Aorta Verhoeff Van Gieson 10x
Aorta Verhoeff Van Gieson 20x
Aorta Verhoeff Van Gieson 40x
Human Uterus Verhoeff Van Gieson 10x
Human Uterus Verhoeff Van Gieson 20x
Human Uterus Verhoeff Van Gieson 40x

One thought on “Elastic Fiber Pictures

  1. except your magnifications are off by a power of 10 (when you take an image with the 10x objective…your magnification is really 100x….that is just the way microscopes are in their construction; you need to know that however is you are passing these images along)

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