High School Histology Internship Update

This is the second week of the high school internship program collaborating with WPI.  Their task is to create 25 perfect slides, 5 different stains from 5 different tissues. Each of the tissues are picked by them and must be grossed, cassetted, processed, embedded, cut, stained and microscopic pictures are taken by them.  They In the first week the interns learned all about safety, grossing, processing and embedding.  This week they have been practicing on the microtome.  They have been given 12 tissues to practice facing, sectioning, laying on the bath, separating sections and section placement on slides.   Tomorrow I will explain and show them how to do H&E staining on some of their cut tissues.  We will discuss the elements of each of their tissues grossly and microscopically so that they can choose their next 4 special stains.  After their tissues are all stained, they will write short descriptions of each tissue to highlight it’s unique composition.  Follow this program with me for the next 6 weeks.



An Expert Histology Service  

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