Suggested Immunohistochemistry Tissue Controls


Here is our comprehensive IHC tissue control list.  It is also posted as one file under the histology section.  There are 16 pages of our version, but I will try to condense it here for you.  These controls are all human tissues.  If you see any that are incorrect, or have more to add we would love to know so we can change it.  We do have some of these tissues if you are in a pinch and cannot find any, just ask, we may be able to help! They start off with categories then go into Alphabetical.  There are some duplicates.

Proliferation markers                                      

MIB-1(Ki-67)   tonsil

Endothelial markers

CD31                           Tonsil/BM

CD34                           Tonsil/BM

Factor VIII                    Tonsil/BM

Epithelial Markers

CAM 5.2                      Skin

CK7                              Lung

CK8                              Lung

CK19                            Liver

EMA                            Skin

Pan keratin                  Skin

MNF-116                     Skin

Muscle& mesenchymal

actin/SMA/1A4           Tonsil/BM, tongue, small intestine, colon, ureter, prostate, skin

Actin/MSA/HHF35       Tonsil/BM

desmin                        Appendix

Myogenin                    Rhabdo

MYOD1                       Rhabdo

S100                            Skin, colon, brain, melanoma

SM myosin                  Intestine

Vimentin                     Tonsil/BM, Colon, prostate, uterus, ureter

Neural and Glial

GFAP                            Brain

Myelin basic protein   Brain

NeuN                           Brain

Neurofilament            Spinal cord

Neurofilament(SMI-31) Spinal cord

NB84a                         Neuroblastoma

Olig-2                          Brain

PGP9.5                         Neuroblastoma

NSE                              Pancreas

Synaptophysin             Pancreas, brain, adrenal

Tumor Affiliated

AFP                              AFP tissue

Alpha1-antitrypsin      Tonsil

Beta-HCG                    Placenta

Calretinin                    Appendix

CD99                           Ewings

FLI-1                            Ewings

Galectin-3                   Thyroid

HMB-45                       Melanoma

Melan-A/mart-1         Skin

PLAP                            Placenta

TTF-1                           Thyroid


Use infected tissue

EBV/EBER in situ

Hep B(core)

Hep B (surface)





Endocrine- pituitary

ACTH                           Pituitary

Calcitonin                    Thyroid

Chromogranin             Pancreas

FSH                              Pituitary

Glucagon                     Pancreas

Inhibin                         Placenta

Insulin                          Pancreas

Insulin A                      Pancreas

LH                                Pituitary

Thyroglobulin             Thyroid

TSH                              Pituitary

Hematopoetic Markers

Bcl-2                            Tonsil/BM

Bcl-6                            Tonsil/BM

CD1a                           Skin

CD3                             Tonsil/BM

CD4                             Tonsil/BM

CD5                             Tonsil/BM

CD8                             Tonsil/BM

CD10                           Tonsil/BM

CD15                           Tonsil/BM

CD20                           Tonsil/BM

CD21                           Tonsil/BM

CD30(KI-67)             Tonsil/BM

CD31                           Tonsil/BM

CD34                           Tonsil/BM

CD43                           Tonsil/BM

CD45-LCA                 Tonsil/BM

CD45RO                     Tonsil/BM

CD56                           Neuroblastoma

CD57                           Tonsil

CD61                           BM

CD68                           Tonsil/BM

CD71(TfR)                  Tonsil/BM

Hematopoetic Markers cont.

CD79a                         Tonsil/BM

CD117/C-kit                Skin/BM

CD163                         Placenta

Fascin                          Tonsil/BM

Granzyme B                Tonsil/BM

J chain                         Tonsil/BM

Kappa light chain        Tonsil/BM

Alpha light chain         Tonsil/BM

Kappa light chain in situ         Tonsil/BM

Alpha light chain in situ          Tonsil/BM

Langerin                      Skin

Lysozyme                     Tonsil/BM

Myeloperoxidase        BM

TdT                              BM


8-OHdG                                               Skin

ACTH                                                   Anterior pituitary

Actin Muscle specific                          Skeletal Muscle, leiomyoma

Actin Smooth muscle(SMA)             Uterus

AFP                                                      Germ cell, liver hepatoma, fetal liver

Albumin                                               Liver

ALK-1                                                  Large cell lymphoma

Alpha 1 fetoprotein                            Hepatoma, fetal liver

Alpha 1 Antichymotrypsin(AACT)   Tonsil, hepatoma

Alpha 1 antitrypsin(AAT)                Tonsil, hepatoma

Androgen Receptor                           Prostate

Aurora A/STK-15                             MCF-7 cell, cancer tissue

B72.3                                                   Colon carcinoma, pancreatic carcinoma, breast

Bax                                                      Mammary carcinoma, breast carcinoma

BCL-1(cyclin D-1)                                Mantle cell lymphoma

BCL-2                                                   Lymph node, tonsil

BCL-6                                                   Tonsil

Ber-H2                                                 Lymphoma, panceas

Ber-EP4 (epithelial antigen)            Skin, colon adenocarcinoma, mesothelioma, lung CA

Beta amyloid                                       Alzheimer’s brain

Bim                                                      Skin/ skin tumor

Bombesin                                            Stomach, Duodenum, lung

BrdU                                                    BrdU treated tissue

CA 125                                                 Ovarian carcinoma, breast CA

CA19-9                                                Lung

Calbindin D                                         Cerebellum

Calcitonin                                            Thyroid, medulla carcinoma of thyroid

Calponin                                              Fibro adenoma

Calretinin                                            Mesothelioma, brain

Cam 5.2                                               Breast carcinoma

Casein                                                 Lactating mammary gland

Caspase 3                                            Skin/ tumor, embryo

Catalase                                              Liver, brain (basal ganglia, thalamus, cerebellum)

Catenin                                                Intestine

Cathepsin D                                         breast carcinoma

CC10                                                    Lung

CD1a                                                   Skin, thymus, tonsil

CD3                                                     Tonsil

CD4                                                     Tonsil

CD5                                                     Tonsil

CD7                                                     Tonsil

CD8                                                     Ewing’s sarcoma, pancreas

CD10                                                   Tonsil, kidney, uterus

CD11b                                                 Spleen, cerebellum (microglia)

CD13                                                   Brain (striatum)

CD14                                                   Placenta

CD15 (leuM1)                                     Metastatic adenocarcinoma of pleura or Hodgkin’s lymphoma

CD20, B-cell                                        Tonsil

CD21                                                   Tonsil

CD23, B-cell                                        Tonsil, spleen

CD25                                                   Tonsil, spleen, thymus

CD30                                                   Hodgkin’s lymphoma, reed sterberg

CD31                                                   Tonsil

CD34, vascular Ag                               Tonsil

CD35                                                   Tonsil

CD38                                                   Spleen

CD40                                                   Spleen

CD41                                                   Spleen

CD43                                                   Tonsil

CD44                                                   Spleen, tonsil

CD44V6                                               Baby thymus, tonsil

CD45(LCA)                                           Tonsil, lymph node, lymphoma

CD45RA                                               Tonsil

CD45RO, t-cell                                    Tonsil

CD54                                                   Liver, spleen, lung

CD56                                                   Tonsil

CD57                                                   Tonsil

CD68                                                   Tonsil, lymph node

CD74                                                   Tonsil

CDw75                                                 Tonsil

CD79a                                                 Tonsil

CD80                                                   Spleen

CD99 Ewing’s sarcoma                       Ewing’s sarcoma

CD105                                                 Kidney

CD117 (C-KIT)                                     GI stromal tumor

CD138                                                 Tonsil

Cdc2                                                    Lung tumor, breast carcinoma

Cdk2                                                    Colon

Cdk4                                                    Skin

CDw49f (integrin-alpha6)                   Skin (basement membrane)

CDx2                                                    Colon CA

CEA                                                      Breast carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma

CERB2                                                 Breast cancer, gastric cancer, adeno cancer

HCG                                                     Placenta

Chromogranin A                                 Pancreas

C-MYC                                                 Lung CA, Breast CA, colon CA

Collagen IV                                          Skin, kidney, tonsil

Cytokeratin 20                                    Colon carcinoma

Cytokeratin 5/6                                   Mesothelioma

Cytokeratin 7                                      Aenocarcinoma, breast cancer

Cytokeratin 14                                    Skin

Cytokeratin 8&18                                Skin, prostate carcinoma, breast, pancreas/tumor

Cytokeratin 903                                  Skin, adenocarcinoma

Cytokeratin AE1/AE3                          Skin, prostate adenocarcinoma

Cytokeratin MNF-116                         Skin, squamous cell carcinoma

Cytokeratin WSS                                 Skin

Cytokeratin Pan (AE1&Cam5.2)         Skin, adenocarcinoma

CKR6                                                    Lymph node

CKR7                                                    Lymph node

CNPase                                                Brain/ glia tumor

Collagen I                                            Placenta. Kidney

Collagen IV                                          Kidney, skin, placenta, lymph node

Cox2                                                    Colon, kidney

CX3CR1                                               Lymph node

CXCR4                                                 Skin

CYP1B1                                                Liver

DBA.44 hairy cell                                Reactive lymph node, spleen, hairy cell leukemia

Defensin1-alpha (HDEFA-1)                Skin

Defensin1-beta (NBD-1)                     Skin

Defensin2-beta (HBD-2)                     Skin

Desmin                                                Leiomyoma

Dopamine Hydroxylase                       Brain (stratum/Substantia nigra)

EBV-LMP                                             EBV infected tissue

E-Cadherin                                          Pancreas, lung carcinoma, breast carcinoma

EGFR                                                    Placenta

EMA                                                    Breast

Epithelial antigen                                Colon adenocarcinoma

Estrogen receptor                               Breast carcinoma, breast

F4/80                                                   Spleen, Thymus, lung, liver

Factor VIII                                            Tonsil, skin, intestine

Factor XIII                                            Dermatofiboma

Fas                                                       Spleen, Thymus, colon

Fas-L                                                    Spleen, thymus, colon

Flag (M2)                                            Heart muscle

Fhit                                                      Muscle

Flk-1                                                    Colon carcinoma, blood vessel endothelium

Filaggrin                                              Skin

Flt-1                                                     Kidney, heart

FSH                                                      Pituitary

Gastrin                                                Stomach, antrum

GAPDH (V-18)                                     Lens, liver, lung, prostate cancer

GCDFP/BRST 2                                    Breast carcinoma

GFAP                                                    Astrocytoma, brain

Glucagon                                             Pancreas

Glycophorin A                                     3rd term placenta

Glycoprotein IIIa                                 1st term placenta

Granzyme B, T-cell                             Tonsil

GRB2                                                   Colon carcinoma

GSH2 (E-20)                                         Lens

Growth hormone(hGH)                       Pituitary

HbcAg hepatitis B core                       Infected liver

HbcAg hepatitis B surface                  Infected liver

HDJ2                                                    Tonsil

Heme-Oxygenase-1 (HO-1)                Lung

Hemoglobin                                        tonsil

Her2Neu (cerbB2)                               Breast carcinoma

Herpes simplex virus I                        Infected lung

Herpes simplex virus II                       Infected lung

HGF                                                     Liver

HIF-1 alpha                                          Prostate tumor, lung tumor

Histone H2AX                                      Tonsil, skin

Histone H3 (Phospho-histone H3)       Tonsil, skin, spleen, small intestine

HMB45(melanosome)                        Melanoma

HPL                                                      Placenta, tonsil, colon

HPV                                                     HPV infected tissue, anogenital tissue

HSA (hepatocyte specific antigen)      Normal liver or liver carcinoma

HSP70                                                  Skin, pulmonary arteries, smooth muscle

IgA                                                       Tonsil

IgD                                                       Tonsil

IgG                                                       Tonsil

IgM                                                      Tonsil

IL-1                                                      Lung

IL-6                                                      Lung

IL-8                                                      Lung

Inhibin                                                 Granular cell tumor

Integrin                                               Skin (basement membrane)

Involucin                                              Skin

KP-1                                                     Colon, Small Bowel, Liver, Skin

Keratin                                                Skin

Keratin7                                              Lung, Ovary, endometrium and breast carcinoma, skin

Keratin14                                            Skin

Keratin15                                            Skin

KI67                                                     Skin, small intestine, tonsil, thymus, breast carcinoma

Laminin                                               Skin, Kidney

LAT                                                      Spleen

LCA                                                      Tonsil

Ly-6A/E                                                Thymus

Ly-6G                                                   Spleen

Ly-49                                                   Spleen

Hormone                                             Tonsil

MAC                                                    Placenta, spleen

MAP2                                                  Brain (cerebral cortex)

Mast cell tryptase                               Bone marrow, lung, skin, colon

MEK ½ (phosphor-MEK ½)                  Breast cancer

MHV                                                    MHV liver

MIP2                                                    Skin

MItf                                                     Bone marrow, lung, skin, colon

MMP-2                                                Placenta, skin

MMP9                                                 Lung

MOMA1                                              Spleen

MRP14                                                CAPAN-1 cells, lung cancer

MT-1                                                   Tonsil

MT-2                                                   Tonsil

Myeloperoxidase                                Bone marrow, spleen, tonsil

Myosin                                                Skeletal muscle, tonsil, tongue

Myoglobin                                           Heart, tonsil

Nestin                                                  Brain

Neutrophil Esterase                            Brain, peripheral nerve

Nitrotyrosine                                       Kidney, uterus, heart, placenta

NOS2                                                   Liver, Uterus

NOS3                                                   Kidney, brain

NSE (neuron specific enolase)            Brain (cerebral cortex)

Occludin                                              Lung

Osteonectin/sparc                              Cartilage, lens

PSA                                                      Prostate

Pancreatic polypeptide                       Pancreas, duodenum, Gastric antrum

P53                                                      Breast cancer, colon, skin

P63                                                      Breast cancer, colon, skin

Panendothelial cell antigen                Kidney, spleen, lung

Pap 2b                                                 Bladder

PAR, alpha                                           Ischemia Brain (piriform cortex)

Pax-5                                                   Spleen

Paxillin                                                Placenta

PCNA                                                   Small intestine, skin, tonsil, lymphoma

PDGF receptor                                    Mammary carcinoma

PDGF-beta                                           Mammary tumor

PEP-1                                                   Malignant melanoma, amelanotic

PEP-13                                                 Malignant melanoma, amelanotic

PLAP                                                    Placenta, tonsil, colon cancer

Progesterone                                      Normal breast/ breast cancer

PR (progesterone receptor)                Uterus, breast, prostate

Prolactin                                              Pituitary

PS2                                                      Breast cancer

Sarcomeric actin                                 Tongue, tonsil

Serotonin                                             Appendix, adrenal, bronchial epithelium

SCF (stem cell factor)                         Brain

SLUG                                                    Tongue

SMAD2 (phosphor-SMAD2)                Embryo

Somatostatin                                       Pancreas, brain

Somatostatin receptors                      Pancreas, Brain

Sos-1                                                    Placenta

SOX-10                                                Embryo

Survivin Ab-3                                       Stomach/ lung tumor

SV40                                                    Tumor, mammary carcinoma

Tau                                                      Alzheimer’s brain

TCR, beta                                            Spleen, thymus

Testosterone                                       Testis

TGF-beta RI                                        Prostate

TGF-beta1 LC                                      Placenta

TH (tyrosine hydroxylase)                   Brain (striatum, substantia nigra)

TNF, alpha                                           Skin, lung

Thymine dimer                                   Skin

TLT-1                                                   Spleen

TSH                                                      Pituitary

TTF-1 (thyroid transcription factor)    Lung, thyroid, pituitary

Tubulin III, beta (Tuj1)                     Brain (cerebral cortex)

Ubiquitin                                              Alzheimer’s/ Parkinson’s brain

UCHL                                                   Tonsil

UCP-1                                                   Pancreas

UCP-2                                                   Pancreas

ULEX                                                    Prostate, tonsil

VCAM-1                                               Vessel in tissue

VE-Cadherin                                        Kidney

VEGF                                                    Pancreas, kidney, adenocarcinoma

VEGF R1                                              Skin, brain, hey cells, angiosarcoma

VEGF R2(FLK-1)                                  Kidney, heart, prostate carcinoma, tumor

VIP (vaso intestinal polypeptide)       Gastric antrum, small intestine, brain (amygdala)

vWF (von Willebrand factor)              Tonsil, skin

WT-1 (wilms’ tumor)                           Kidney (glomeruli), testis


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