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Histologistics and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have created an internship program for area high school and college students. Are you interested in the fields of biology and chemistry but don’t know what direction you are heading. We can help! By doing an internship with us you will be exposed to a wide range of laboratory methodologies. Students who are accepted into this program will be working with all areas of histology and will include the Life Sciences and Bio Engineering department. The histology labs are located inside the Life Sciences and Bio Engineering department. This means students will get to see what projects graduate students are working on while they themselves are working on their projects.

Leica RM 2235 Microtome

This has already begun.  The second round of students are in their first week of the internship.  We now have 4 shared interns learning histology.  Two are new high school graduates and the other 2 are seeking bachelors degrees.  During August of 2013, we hope to share a total of 6 interns.  In mid July I will be interviewing students from 6 area high schools for the fall internships.  If you are interested or know of someone who is, contact me at

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